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10 A-List Looks to Inspire Your Weekend



Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and been jealous of the parade of perfectly styled celebrities? Don’t be afraid, because you’re in for a treat. Get ready to inject some A-list chic into your weekend wardrobe with ten celebrity looks so fierce the paparazzi will mistake you for Hollywood royalty (without the entourage… or the price tag!).

From effortless It-girl ensembles to red carpet-worthy glamour, we’ve got the insider scoop on channeling your inner style icon and conquering your weekend in serious style. As always, we’re spotlighting some of the hottest celeb looks that you can recreate this weekend without a stylist or a platinum card.

Here are 10 celebrity styles to take your wardrobe to the next level this weekend…

#1. Naomi Campbell: Channeling timeless chic

Photo: @naomi/Instagram

Naomi Campbell is a fashion icon for good reason, and her coordination for the V&A’s “NAOMI: In Fashion” exhibition was a masterclass in chic elegance. The custom BOSS halter neck dress exuded effortless sophistication, accentuated by dazzling Bulgarian diamonds and sleek Le Silla stiletto mules. While we may not all have access to custom-made dresses, the main takeaway is the importance of clean lines, quality fabrics and classic silhouettes. Make it a glamorous product launch that will attract attention.

#2. Serena Williams: Working with the Power Suit in pink

Move over, boring black suits! Serena Williams shows us that power dressing can be playful and feminine. Her all-blush pink ensemble from the Gucci show was a total showstopper. A well-tailored blazer and wide-leg trousers create a powerful silhouette, while the soft pink hue adds a touch of whimsy. Take the look to the next level with strappy sandal heels and a contrasting pop of color, like Serena’s maroon Gucci handbag. This is a perfect outfit for a day out in the city and is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

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#3. Garcelle Beauvais: the effortless chic queen

Garcelle Beauvais
Photo: @garcelle/Instagram

Remember that little black dress gathering dust in your closet? Take out a page Garcelle Beauvais’ book and breathe new life into it! Ditch the predictable and embrace a dash of personality, like Garcelle’s gorgeous black Mason Baretta dress with a flirty green feather detail. The point is to keep it simple yet eye-catching. Think “elevated cocktail party” with a touch of playful whimsy. Pair with statement earrings and stacks of gold bracelets for extra glamour, just like Garcelle. Top it off with classic black heels and a sleek black bag (Louis Vuitton, anyone?) – timeless elegance with a touch of fun! This is a great outfit idea for a dinner date.

#4. Venus Williams: A revolution without pants (but make it fashion)

Venus Williams
Photo: @venuswilliams/Instagram

Calling all trendsetters! Venus Williams is here to show you that the no-pants look is here to stay. Are you feeling brave? Channel your inner Venus by rocking an oversized red velvet blazer (think luxurious bathrobe, not stuffy office attire) over a crisp button-down shirt for a day of shopping with friends. Slip on a pair of comfortable black slippers and grab a sleek gray leather handbag for a touch of functionality. This look screams for an ‘off-duty model’ with a touch of playful rebellion. Remember, confidence is always the best accessory, so own it!

#5. Jessica Alba: the classic with a twist

Jessica Alba
Photo: @jessicaalba/Instagram

Sometimes the simplest outfit can make the biggest statement. Jessica Alba reminds us of the enduring power of the little black dress. Her blazer dress is a refined take on a classic. The key is to find a dress with interesting details, such as structural shoulders or pocket details, to avoid a boring silhouette. Combine it with transparent black tights and classic black pumps for a timeless look. Don’t forget to add a touch of sparkle with some statement jewelry – just like Jessica with her dazzling Swarovski pieces. Wear this to a fashion show for a main character moment.

#6. Sabrina Dhowre Elba: The power of a touch of color

Sabrina Elba
Photo: @sabrinaelba/Instagram

Black is always a classic, but Sabrina Dhowre Elba shows us how to take it to the next level with a pop of unexpected color. Her Marni ensemble in black plays with cutouts and skin folds, but the real showstopper are the bright green heels. This is a fantastic reminder that accessories can completely transform an outfit. Do you feel uninspired by a black dress or jumpsuit? Complete it with a statement shoe in a vibrant shade, a striking clutch or striking jewelry. A little color goes a long way! Copy this outfit for a night out le boo.

#7. Novi Brown: Mastering minimalism with maximum impact

Novi Brown proves that high fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Her beige Jacquemus and Mugler pants-and-jacket combo is a masterclass in minimalist chic. The clean lines and neutral tones exude effortless sophistication. The best part? You can easily recreate this look with similar pieces from your favorite store. Remember, it’s all about finding the right fit and silhouette for your body type. Pair with a statement bag (think bright colors or interesting textures) for a pop of personality.

#8. Ariana DeBose: Rocking the Power Blazer

Ariana DeBose
Photo: @arianadebose/Instagram

Ariana DeBose Hosting a performance at the Tony Awards brought us a plethora of spectacular looks, but for those looking for something that can easily be imitated, consider her Alex Perry Spring Summer 2024 blazer and trouser combo. This is a look that exudes strength and elegance, perfect for a work presentation (just make sure you wear a tank top). The key is to find a blazer that flatters your body type and pair it with matching pants for a cohesive silhouette. Keep the accessories minimal so that the outfit can make a statement on its own.

#9. Abbie Cornish: Soft power in a pink suit

Abbie Cornish
Photo: @abbiecornish/Instagram

Wearing Pamella Roland’s pink pantsuit Abbie Cornish is a relief! This look proves that soft colors can be just as powerful as bold colors. The key is to choose a flattering pink shade and ensure it has a well-fitting silhouette. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bralette or crop top underneath for a touch of modern flair. Complete the look with a statement bag in a complementary color for a touch of personality. If you are going to a movie premiere this weekend, this offer is a suitable choice.

#10. Sabrina Carpenter: Mastering the White Hot Trend

Sabrina Carpenters
Photo: @nylonfrance/Instagram

Sabrina Timmerman at the Louis Vuitton show proves that menswear-inspired looks can be incredibly chic for women. Her dazzling white double-breasted jacket with pointed collar was a showstopper, highlighting her legs and exuding confidence. This look is not for the faint of heart, but for those who have the courage to try it. Keep accessories minimal and focus on clean lines and a tailored fit. Wear this to a fashion show, it will definitely increase your charm and cement you as a style star.

So there you have it, fashionistas! These celebrity looks are proof that you don’t need a fortune or a stylist to look great. With a little creativity and these helpful tips, you can transform your wardrobe and embrace your unique style. Remember, fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself, so go out and conquer the world!

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