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135 one word quotes about love life happiness and success




A rainbow over a highway early in the morning.

Today I want to keep it as short and simple as possible and share the best and most powerful one-word quotes, sayings, and messages.

In this post you will find quotes about love, about yourself and self-love, deep ones, the perfect ones for Instagram and social media and much more.

And if you want more quick, but slightly longer, inspirational quotes, check out this post with four-word quotes, this one with lots of three-word quotes, and also this one filled with two-word quotes.

The best one word quotes



“To go!”








“Give an example.”

“With sobriety.”




A winter night in Norway.A winter night in Norway.







“To breathe.”

“To believe.”

Motivational and positive one word quotes

“Time to go!”







Two happy women.Two happy women.



“To get up.”




“To suggest.”



Inspirational one word quotes and messages










“To develop.”

“To create.”





“Set goals.”

“To discover.”


“Light up.”



One Word Quotes About Love (Perfect for Instagram and Social Media Captions)

Two people in love.Two people in love.






“A fluke.”






“To love.”




“To elect.”









“To feed.”






1 word quotes about myself











“To grow.”


“To adjust.”









One word quotes with deep meaning








“To trust.”








“To discover.”

“To take off.”









3 ideas to use this inspiration in your life

A single word can sometimes be more powerful than a handful of sentences.

So use your own favorite or favorites among these one word quotes to motivate and inspire yourself in your daily life.

Here are three of my most used ideas for doing that:

  • A reminder by telephone every morning and/or evening. I use the free Google Keep app to set daily reminders with uplifting and helpful quotes for myself.
  • A note on the bathroom mirror or bedside table. This way you see the quote that inspires you first thing in the morning and it helps you set the right tone for your day.
  • Use it on social media to inspire yourself and others. Add your favorite or most powerful quote to a photo that inspires you in a post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social sites.

Want even more quick and short inspiration? Here is a post with 224 short quotes and sayings about life.

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