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2024 Met Gala Looks And Other Best Dressed From Last Week




Last week, the 2024 Met Gala smoked the stars in museum-worthy pieces that spiced up the global fashion atmosphere. As expected, some took ‘The Garden of Time’ dress code literally, while others represented it with more subliminal offerings. Regardless of the approach, the ensembles hit hard enough to knock our socks off, delivering a lavish fashion buffet that satisfied our appetites.

However, you would think that after a dull Met moment for the stars and their glam squad, the streets would be deserted and the beds occupied. But the 2024 Gold House Inaugural Gold Gala and the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, among others, kept the stars out in matching ensembles. It was a week full of inspiring looks and tenacious individuals who don’t miss a style.

The looks

There were two types of representation at the Met Gala: the literal and figurative team. Singer Janelle Monae took the latter route in an attack that gave a nod to the fictional belief in certain crystals’ ability to reverse time. She shimmered in a sultry crystal-embellished halter dress by Vera Wang, featuring opal laser-cut sequins, hand-strung crystalline beads and sustainably recycled plastic bottles hand-molded into organically shaped flowers. Playing with the time aspect of the theme as everyone hopped on the garden wagon was an out-of-the-box move.

Moreover, the 2024 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards were nothing short of amazing. Water and Garri movie star, Tiwa wanted stole the sparkle from the night sky in a shimmering, floor-length, gold cut-out dress that was hard to ignore. The creation, with a corset bodice, hugged her frame perfectly as the crystal tassels danced with every movement. Indeed, few can compete with the African Bad Girl red carpet.

Check out the fabulous looks from the 2024 Met Gala and other events from last week…

Cardi B

Photo: @kollincarter/Instagram


Tiwa wanted

Photo: @tiwasavage/Instagram
Photo: @tiwasavage/Instagram

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Photo: @maisonmargiela/Instagram
Photo: @givenchy/Instagram


Lena Mahfouf

Photo: @lenamahfouf/Instagram


Mary J. Blige

Photo: @therealmaryjblige/Instagram

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Janelle Monae

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Lala Anthony

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Jennifer Hudson

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