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3 simple steps to reinvent your extraordinary life




3 simple steps to reinvent your extraordinary life

76% of people die with the same regret. “Not fulfilling their ideal self.”

This comes from a Cornell study conducted a few years ago.

The “ideal self” is the qualities you would ideally like to possess, such as hopes, goals, ambitions, or wishes.

It’s the abandoned dreams, the romantic interests not pursued and the choosing the ‘safe’ job instead of the adventurous position.

It ties in nicely with the #1 regret of the dying, according to Bronnie Ware:

“I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to myself, and not to the life others expected of me.”

How do you become the minority?

How do you become the 24%?

First, we must understand that we face two double setbacks.

1. Our lizard brains

Our deepest human need is to survive.

Our brains are survival machines and nothing more. They are designed to keep us alive.

As part of this hardwiring, we are also efficiency machines.

Our brains look for the path of least resistance. It is a primal desire to conserve calories to ensure our survival.

Everything outside our comfort zone is unknown and therefore an “unnecessary” risk.

So we seek the comfort of not jumping into our miscreant dreams, the comfort of not being rejected by the romantic interest, the comfort of the “safe” job.

Complacency trumps courage.

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

2. Conditioning

We are conditioned by family, friends and society to pursue certain things in order to be happy.

These things are almost always outside of ourselves:

The right job title, the right amount, the right car, the right clothes, etc.

The biggest problem with external factors is that they provide short-term happiness.

In the long run, they turn into regrets; for example, the parent who worked 80 hours a week to maintain a house that was too big and missed time for family and connection along the way.

So back to the million dollar question:

How do we become the 24%?

We reinvent ourselves from a hunter of things to a creator of meaning.

Your goal in life isn’t to stare at a spreadsheet all day or outwit John to the corner office so you can pursue more things.

I believe there is more than one purpose in life and one of them is this:

To discover what makes us come alive, commit to making it happen and sharing it with the world.

These are the 3 C’s for a meaningful life.


We need to learn about ourselves, what is important to us and who we are. We need to get clear on who we want to be and want our lives to be.

We need to connect with ourselves and discover what makes us come alive.

When we search for what brings us to life (Life Calling), we connect with ourselves on a deep level.

We create an opportunity to live in harmony.

When we live in harmony, we cultivate deeper connections with those around us because we are more deeply connected to ourselves.

We improve our relationships (with ourselves and others).

We cultivate self-confidence and self-confidence.

We give purpose and meaning to our lives.

To create:

When we commit to bringing to life/giving life to our Life Calling, we give ourselves one of life’s greatest gifts; we give ourselves a mission.

A mission cultivates joy, intention, purpose, meaning, confidence, self-confidence, and fulfillment.

A mission gives us focus, direction and purpose.

We wake up in the morning with reason and purpose.

We give purpose and meaning to our lives.


When we share our creations, we give back to the world that gave us the opportunity to create what we created.

We are of service to something more important than ourselves. We bring inspiration into the world and show others what is possible, creating more creation.

This is one of the highest purposes we can serve.

Just because 76% of people die with the same regrets doesn’t mean you will too.

You have the opportunity to participate in the 24% at any time.

It’s not too late, you’re not too old, you haven’t missed your chance.

Reinvention Reminder: A year from now you may regret not starting a year ago ora A year from now you may be impressed with how far you’ve come.