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A 591-hectare fire in Interlaken is expected to burn for weeks before it is contained



A 591-hectare fire in Interlaken is expected to burn for weeks before it is contained

The Camp Fire-caused Interlaken wildfires continue to grow in Lake County, reaching a total fire area of ​​591 acres with minimal containment, fire officials said Saturday.

The flames — which have been burning on U.S. Forest Service land for five days — will continue to creep out for more than a week. according to Forest Service reports. The fire is currently only 15% under control and the fire brigade does not expect the fire to be fully under control before June 23.

And containment is not the end of wildfires.

Containing wildfires is not the same as extinguishing a fire; it is the status of a control line being completed around the fire to stop the spread of the fire. Wildfires can burn for days or longer after containment is achieved.

While the size of the fire is small compared to other wildfires in Colorado, such as the nearly 5,700-acre Spruce Creek fire that was sparked by a lightning strike in May, it is not a small area overall.

By Thursday night, the fire grew to 6 hectares – about the same as four and a half football fields. In total, the fire is burning on approximately 448 football fields.

The fire was sparked by an abandoned campfire about 180 feet from the Interlaken trail and 1.5 miles from the trailhead, fire officials said.

Fire investigators believe the Camp Fire was not properly extinguished and extinguished for several days before sparking the wildfire Tuesday afternoon. If the coals are not maintained, they can retain heat for extended periods and reignite when the wind picks up.

Nearly 300 firefighters were on the scene in Interlaken Saturday morning, dousing the flames and protecting the area’s historic structures. firefighters said. None of the buildings in the historic district were damaged.

A aerial video posted by forest rangers On Saturday morning, the spread of the fire and the different fire intensities can be seen in different parts of Interlaken.

“The severity of the fire depends on the amount of fuels, weather and topography,” forest officials said in a statement on Saturday. “As you can see in the video, in some areas it burned very hot with high tree mortality, while in other areas the fire burned superficial fuels and did not kill many trees.”