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A new era has begun: reimagine your shopping experience with Shoppedia



A new era has begun: reimagine your shopping experience with Shoppedia

A brand new ecommerce company is here to reinvent your shopping experience. Shoppedia previewed its new platform through an exciting event titled “Shoppedia: Merchant’s Preview (Re-Imagine)” held last June 28, 2024 at The Heritage Hotel in Pasay City.

The event aimed to capture the attention of Filipinos, gain the trust of brands, merchants and investors, and most importantly, build credibility and maintain strong relationships with the public.

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The said event was organized by Christine Bersola-Babao, a notable media personality. Attended by prestigious people such as Samira Gutoc, a former member of the ARMM Regional Legislative Assembly; and Dr. Maria Lutgarda Manuela B. Punay, Buri Cu Buri Mu Food Products Trading and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PEPCo-Pampanga Entrepreneur Producers Cooperativetook the time to give a talk on the e-commerce situation in the Philippines.

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Shoppedia’s Merchant Acquisition Director Jed Carreon provided warm remarks to welcome guests; while Head of Operations, Francis Balagtas, closed the event and left a message for guests to continue anticipating what else to expect from Shoppedia.

Their team also prepared a special break from Jos Garcia and Nolo Lopez to serenade the guests. They even gave an exclusive first look at the AVP, promotional video and jingle video to event attendees.

Shoppedia CEO Neil La-as

One of the main highlights of the event was the inspiring speech by Neil La-as, CEO of Shoppedia. His main goal is to change the trajectory of e-commerce business in the Philippines. He quoted: “Let’s reshape the future of e-commerce in the Philippines together. Let us build a thriving online marketplace that reflects our values, our ambitions and our unwavering love for our country.”

Pictured are Shoppedia Managing Director Neil La-as and Shoppedia Managing Partner Prince Allan Sison with trading partners.

Join Shoppedia on this exciting journey and enhance your shopping experience with their new platform, designed to put the best of e-commerce at your fingertips.

Visit to find out more about them.

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