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Adam Schiff just completely destroyed Trump




Adam Schiff comments on the Trump verdict on MSNBC.

Rep. Adam Schiff said Trump is now a sexual abuser, a business fraudster and a convicted felon who is completely unfit for office.

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Schiff said in response to Trump’s guilty verdict:

Today was the day justice caught up with Donald Trump. I think with democracy under such pressure as ours, we should take heart that, you know, the system worked. The twelve ordinary Americans judged the guilt or innocence of a former president of the United States. That is a remarkable thing. Something that is not possible in most countries in the world. And so I think this is a good day for the justice system.

What also strikes me is that this was a victory for the justice system in New York. It was not a victory for the federal justice system. As you previously indicated, Donald Trump was an unindicted number one co-conspirator in an indictment in the Southern District of New York based largely on these facts. The Justice Department said Michael Cohen should go to prison for his role in it. They didn’t indict Donald Trump, while the Justice Department did indict Donald Trump. In Florida and Washington DC Federal judges, especially on the Supreme Court, but also in Florida, have knowingly joined in Donald Trump’s efforts to deny justice by delaying it.

It was the justice system in New York that held him accountable. And you know, I think the people of New York should be proud that their citizens are able to judge the guilt or innocence of a former president of the United States. He’s now in New York, tried for sexual abuse, he’s tried as a business fraudster. He is now a convicted felon. And someone with such a record is clearly unfit for office.


Rep. Schiff was right. The federal court system has dropped the ball, but New York State has held Trump accountable in several cases.

There is an assumption in the pundit class that voters already know everything about Trump, so nothing else that comes along will move voters, but when Adam Schiff puts the whole picture together it reveals a situation darker and more serious than 2016 and 2020. Trump is a rapist, a fraudster and a convicted felon according to multiple courts.

These are not opinions. They are legal findings, and that message should be used by Democrats to remind voters why Trump is unfit to return to the White House.

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