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Adidas & Lionel Messi Have Teamed Up On Two Samba Sneakers



Lionel Messi’s The immense popularity is not only visible on the football field; it is also reflected in merchandise sales. Despite participation David BeckhamFlorida-based football club Inter Miami, just a few months before the end of the year, Messi’s debut US kit became the best-selling football shirt of 2023 in the MLS.

Now reports suggest Messi’s Miami shirt is the best-selling sporting shirt overall, underscoring his unparalleled appeal. Given this success, it’s no wonder that Adidas is looking to further leverage the Lionel Messi-led success by introducing additional signature Samba sneakers.

The Lionel Messi x Adidas Samba Indoor “Inter Miami FC” sneakers will make their debut in the United States shortly after a successful international launch. The special edition kicks are available in two color schemes. The “Away Kit” edition features a black Samba with a rubber sole accented by vibrant pink detailing on the heel and stripes.

On the other hand, the “Home Kit” edition flips the colors, with the majority of the shoe in pink and the accents in black – a design that will likely resonate with fans of Messi’s iconic Inter Miami jersey. With its sleek pastel aesthetic, this version promises to be a popular choice for summer ensembles.

For those eager to get their hands on a pair before the US release, StockX offers an option, as some European sneakerheads are already putting the shoes up for sale. Available worldwide, the Lionel Messi x Adidas Samba Indoor “Inter Miami CF home kit” And “Outfit” Colorways cost $128 USD for men’s sizes, allowing fans to carry a piece of football history with them.

Featured image: Courtesy of Adidas

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