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After a disastrous day in court, Trump demands that campus protesters be arrested




Trump reacts to the testimony of Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump had a very bad day in court on Tuesday, so after his trial ended for the day, he claimed that campus protesters are Biden factories and called for their arrest.

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Trump said, “It’s the Biden supporters who seem to be funding what’s going on with the Palestinians.
They’re probably not Palestinians. They are agitators, they are really bad agitators. And I think our government needs to find out who they are and where they come from, and treat them the same as the J6 hostages. You have to treat them the same way. These are stirrers. They are really hurting our country. It’s happening all over the country and in the cities.”


According to Trump, supporters of President Biden paid people to go to college campuses and criticize President Biden. How does this help Biden? That is not the case. Trump’s claim also makes no sense, but since he was humiliated in court by Stormy Daniels, Trump had to come and say something that made him feel strong, so he called for the arrest of mostly peaceful protesters, because that’s what the ex president wants to visit the country when he returns to the White House.

The 1/6 attackers killed and injured police officers as they tried to overthrow the government and keep Trump in power. The student demonstrators want the war to end and people in Gaza to be helped. They have not killed any police officers or are trying to overthrow the government.

Stormy Daniels’ testimony was so bad that Trump returned to his usual ploy of creating a distraction to change the subject. That stunt hasn’t worked in years, and it’s unlikely to save Donald Trump now.