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All the AI ​​features coming to Siri on your iPhone




All the AI ​​features coming to Siri on your iPhone

All the AI ​​features coming to Siri on your iPhone, You can’t miss the wealth of new artificial intelligence tools being thrust upon us by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Samsung. Now Apple is joining the party, although Apple prefers the term Apple Intelligence because the company wants you to think its AI is better than everyone else’s.

Many of these Apple Intelligence upgrades are headed to Siri, the digital assistant that has been part of the iPhone experience and the iPhone 4 since 2011. The additional AI is intended to make interacting with Siri easier and more useful.

says Apple these new Siri and Apple Intelligence features will be available in beta form when iOS 18 arrives in September, with the caveat that “some features” could take up to a year to become available. So expect further updates throughout 2025. We’ve rounded up all the improvements Siri is getting below.

More control over apps

Siri in iOS 18 is becoming increasingly entrenched in the operating system. You can rename documents in Pages, close tabs in Safari, make improvements in Photos, and switch between the front and rear cameras (and much more), all by chatting with Siri.

In addition, Siri gains a better understanding of what is currently on the screen. This screen awareness means you can interact with apps in new ways: so when you’re looking at an address card on your iPhone, you can say “add this address to my contacts” and Siri will know what you’re looking for. what you talk about and what you want to do.

If you’re not sure, you can even ask Siri how to do something on your device. Examples Apple gives include how to schedule a text message and how to switch from light mode to dark mode on your iPhone. The instructions you need will appear at the top of the screen.

Natural language and context

The updated Siri should be able to better understand you if you stumble over your words or don’t say something quite right, just like a real person would. The assistant also remembers previous context in a conversation, so you can get the forecast for a specific location and then set a reminder for a trip there, without having to say the name of the place twice.

Siri is also going to learn more about you: If you ask when Mom’s flight lands, Siri will know who Mom is and can pull the necessary data from your emails, text messages, or the Internet. You can also use a command like “show me all the photos of Mom, Olivia, and me” to have Siri choose the relevant images from your media library.

This kind of context awareness also extends to commands like “play the podcast my wife sent me yesterday” or “get the files James shared with me last week.” You may save a lot of time browsing files, folders, and message threads, thanks to Siri’s improved understanding.

It becomes easier to type to Siri. Image: Apple

Typing with Siri and more

If you want to have a text conversation with Siri instead of talking to Siri, you can already do this via an accessibility feature in iOS – very useful for those moments when you need to be quiet. With Siri’s AI upgrade, this feature will be much easier to access: a double tap on the navigation handle at the bottom of the screen will open the type-to-Siri interface, where you can use the same commands as you would with your voice.

Siri will also be linked to the other Apple Intelligence features coming to the iPhone, such as the ability to generate AI images, create custom emojis, or rewrite text in a specific barrel. These functions can be controlled via Siri, but also via tapping and swiping in whatever app you’re using.

There are more Siri improvements on the way, including the ability to control compatible robot vacuums with your voice, but these are all the major improvements announced so far, using Apple Intelligence models and tools. It’s the biggest Siri upgrade ever and could change the way you get things done on an Apple phone.