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Alternative investment platform TheCarCrowd aims for global expansion after £1m deal



Alternative investment platform TheCarCrowd aims for global expansion after £1m deal

Innovative automotive investment platform TheCarCrowd has just completed its two-tranche seed round, securing a total investment of over £1 million.

Investments by an experienced group of angels – as well as repeat investments by Notion Capital – indicate confidence in TheCarCrowd’s ambitious global strategy, growing list of partners and recurring success in asset selection and acquisition.

DeCarCrowd operates as a specialist curation service, using in-house expertise and proprietary data analytics to identify and source cars with strong investment cases. TheCarCrowd’s asset selection algorithm has created a portfolio of more than 30 investment vehicles, which collectively deliver an estimated annual return of 17.74%. It has also delivered two successful exits, with investors achieving over 35% returns in one year.

This seed capital will be used to further advance TheCarCrowd’s mission and open up investments in classic cars to a wider audience than ever before. Leveraging new distribution partnerships including Splint Invest and Konvi, TheCarCrowd has expanded its offering to Switzerland, Germany, France and Ireland. With over £1 million of assets already financed through this new business-to-business approach, there is strong attraction from European investors to this high-performing asset class.

Outside Europe, TheCarCrowd develops relationships with distribution partners in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). It recently received full Sharia compliance certification from the Shariyah Review Bureau. With significant interest in high-performance vehicles and alternative investments in the region, there is potential for exceptional growth.

In addition to the growing partnerships, TheCarCrowd is expanding its appeal to a broader audience with plans to launch an asset-backed tokenized offering. At the same time, it will target high-net-worth investors through its private portfolio and exclusive investment offerings – each of which delivers more valuable vehicles with significantly greater potential returns. The platform also plans to launch a more ‘traditional’ alternative investment fund later in 2024, focusing on automotive assets.

David Spickett, CEO of TheCarCrowd, commented: “The immense success of our seed funding round marks another critical milestone in our journey, positioning us for global growth and the delivery of innovative products and services in new markets. We are very excited to partner with like-minded investment platforms to help further unlock opportunities for investors worldwide. Alternative asset classes have proven extremely popular with investors when offered through trusted providers, and we are well-placed to serve these markets and deliver asset-backed, high-performing investments into the future.”