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Are you thinking about getting a butt wax? Here’s everything you need to know




Are you thinking about getting a butt wax?  Here's everything you need to know

Waxing is never a comfortable experience (even if you do it regularly), but waxing intimate areas is a new level of discomfort. If you’re thinking about getting your butt waxed as part of a bikini or Brazilian wax, or even if you’re thinking about getting your butt waxed on its own, there can be a lot of nerves leading up to the appointment. Which parts are waxed? Will it hurt? What can you do to prepare? What will you and your waxer do talk about during waxing? (In our experience: our latest favorite TV shows, vacation plans, and where to get your nails done).

If you’re new to the world of waxing, we’ve got you covered. We reached out to Elizabeth Satterly, a waxer and corporate field trainer at European Wax CenterAnd Jeannette GrafMD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Great Neck, NY,to explain what to expect during a butt wax, the risks, the pain, the aftercare and whether or not waxing is right for you.

What is an intimate butt wax?

A butt wax is like a wax for any other part of your body, but includes the entire buttocks and buttocks if you wish. In general, as with all hair removal, waxing your buttocks is an aesthetic choice. “Because the buttocks are an area where hair growth often occurs, some people choose to remove it through waxing,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Graf. “Wax works by using soft or streak-free wax to grab individual hairs once applied, then pulling the wax or strip with a quick and firm motion to remove the hair from the root, also called known as the follicle.”

Is waxing or shaving better for your butt?

Waxing, shaving or even laser hair removal mainly depends on your preference. Many prefer waxing to shaving because it removes the entire hair. When you shave, you only cut the hair where it touches the top layer of skin, making waxing last significantly longer. It can also make hair finer and softer over time, says Satterly. However, shaving is obviously the least painful of all hair removal options.

Laser removal may be an option if you are looking for longer-term hair removal. “Laser hair removal can be a good option for many people,” says Dr. Graf. Although it is a larger investment up front, it will last significantly longer and you will not run the risk of irritation.”

Is a butt wax included in a Brazilian service?

Waxing services vary by salon, but most Brazilian services include the buttocks and between the cheeks, says Satterly. “But if you want to wax the entire butt, this will probably be counted as an extra service,” she adds. Again, some places should allow you to book a separate butt wax, it all comes down to where your service is done.

Are there any risks associated with buttock waxing?

Buttock waxing is one of the safer cosmetic or aesthetic procedures you can undergo in a salon. “The only risk associated with waxing any part of the body is irritation,” says Dr. Graf, who recommends having the wax done by a professional instead of waxing at home to avoid further irritation to the skin. “Even with sensitive skin, many people can still wax the desired area.” But if you have sensitive skin, Dr. Recommend letting the technician who will be doing your wax know so they can prepare accordingly. Satterly notes that there is also some risk of ingrown hairs, which can be minimized with proper aftercare, such as regular exfoliation.

How painful is butt waxing?

We’ll be honest: you’re basically ripping hairs out of your skin. There’s no denying that it won’t be super comfortable. But many people find the smooth, hairless finish worth any pain. “Waxing can also become less painful the more often a person does it, so after 4-5 sessions you may find it painless,” says Dr. Graf.

Of course, not all waxing is created equal. An eyebrow wax will be less painful than a Brazilian wax due to the thickness and sensitivity of the skin. Surprisingly, a butt wax generally scores low on the pain scale. “The first wash of any body part is always the most uncomfortable, but this particular wash is known to be extremely low on the pain list,” says Satterly.

What can you expect during buttock waxing?

If you are only waxing your buttocks (or performing a Brazilian or bikini treatment in addition), your technician will ask you to undress completely from the waist down. You will then be placed on a table based on what is being waxed (on your back with your knees up or on your stomach). Your waxer then prepares your skin (at European Wax Center they use a pre-wax cleanser and skin oil, says Satterly). Once your skin is clean and ready, there are generally two waxing methods: soft and hard. If your technician uses gentle wax, heated wax is applied to the area in the direction of hair growth. Then they apply a strip on top of the wax and pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove the hair. Instead, hard wax does not use the strip. It is applied in the same way, but allowed to cool and removed immediately.

A butt wax requires multiple wax applications and removals (probably a few per side of the crack and a few for each cheek). You may also need a few smaller wax applications to clean up any hairs that have slipped through the cracks (pun intended). Still, removing these stragglers will be significantly more accessible and less painful than the initial removal. Once you are hairless, the technician will likely use a skin-soothing gel (such as aloe vera) and possibly a serum to help prevent ingrown hairs. Then you are free to get dressed and go.

How do you prepare for a butt wax?

Rule number one: don’t shave. The wax needs something to hold on to to remove the entire hair. Satterly recommends growing the hair to about the length of a piece of candy or a grain of rice. “If you can, exfoliate 42 hours before waxing and try not to apply moisturizer to the area on the day,” she adds. Before your waxing, your service provider will ask you if you need to go to the toilet and may give you a cleaning wipe beforehand. Otherwise, it’s a fairly simple experience that should happen quite quickly in the hands of an experienced waxer.

Aftercare for a butt wax

Aftercare is key to soothing irritated skin and preventing ingrown hairs. Dr. Graf recommends avoiding harsh or abrasive products (such as scrubs or chemical exfoliators) for the first 48 hours. After that period, Satterly recommends exfoliating and moisturizing regularly until your next wax, which should be about four to six weeks later (if your goal is to maintain hairless skin).

Last takeaway

Anyone can benefit from a butt wax if they’re feeling self-conscious about hair growth (which is completely normal! But then again, hair removal is an aesthetic choice). “You don’t have to have a specific hair type for this service. Anyone can get it,” Satterly added. ‘Don’t feel nervous and embarrassed either. Your waxer is a professional and can’t wait for you to experience the results.”