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Atresmedia’s daily series ‘Dreams of Freedom’ marketed on MipTV




Atresmedia's daily series 'Dreams of Freedom' marketed on MipTV

Ambitious Begoña Montes is embroiled in a toxic marriage with a tycoon in the thrilling telenovela drama ‘Dreams of Freedom’ (‘Sueños de Libertad’), produced for Antena 3 by Banijay’s Diagonal TV alongside Atresmedia – which produced the groundbreaking shows ‘Money Heist ‘ produced. ‘ and ‘Velvet’.

“Our relationship with Diagonal is and remains very good. We have worked hand in hand with them on many productions, including ‘Amar es para siempre’, the precursor to ‘Dreams of Freedom’,” said Montse García, fiction director of Atresmedia. Variety.

The daily series, the biggest fiction premiere on free Spanish television in the past two years, with a 14.1% market share and 2.0 million viewers on its February 25 linear arc, kicks off with a thrilling chase through lush forests.

Begoña (Natalia Sánchez), with daughter Julia (Amanda Cárdenas) in tow, runs feverishly through the brush and ground to escape her fiancé, Jesús de la Reina (Alain Hernández), while tracking down his brother Andrés (Dani Tatay) and meets a getaway car. a deserted country road. Jesús reaches the pair before they can flee and a panicked standoff opens the series before scenes retreat into the past to build up the events that led to the crucial exchange.

“Dreams of Freedom” is set in 1958 and the set is characterized by an elaborate and retro aesthetic. From clothing to color palettes, painterly textures and all points in between, the viewer is transported through time and place with ease as whispers surrounding the De la Reina dynasty blow like a summer breeze through the cast of characters, uncovering disputes. betrayal and all their best plans.

“’Dreams of Freedom’ is one of Atresmedia’s most important fiction bets for 2024. After the success of ‘Amar es para siempre’, which came to an end after more than 2,800 episodes, Antena 3’s new primetime title had to live up to expectations, ” says Montse García, head of fiction at Atresmedia.

“We have made a major leap in quality at the production level and this is reflected in all the visual elements of the series; a fundamental factor that the audience appreciates very positively and that means that ‘Dreams of Freedom’ is seen as a different kind of soap opera, where photography, costumes and locations are taken care of in detail.”

“On a plot level, ‘Dreams of Freedom’ has a compelling story full of secrets, love and revenge, but we have also made great progress in terms of production, achieving cinematic quality and filming especially in natural environments, outdoor environments,” noted them up.

The series, created by Beatriz Duque y Verónica Viñé and directed by Joan Noguera (“Un Paso Adelante”), is loosely inspired by the successful Turkish series “Lifeline”, the melodrama that touches on social issues such as class struggle, the patriarchal limits placed on women are imposed and unhinged masculinity and at the same time universal themes of forbidden love, tense family dynamics and sisterhood.

“We were inspired by ‘Lifeline’ to create ‘Dreams of Freedom’. We are aware of the great global popularity of Turkish dramas and the appeal of their stories,” García said, adding: “Despite the fact that both titles share similar dramatic elements, such as the escape of the main character, the development of the story of ‘Dreams of Freedom’ will take a completely different path.”

Coherent and exciting, the story maneuvers through a hefty series of side plots that coalesce into this intriguing series of histories, traumas and triumphs that parallel Spain’s burgeoning business sector and those at the top who try to control it by any means necessary.

The main cast is completed by Nancho Nova (“La Celestina”), Marta Belmonte (“Los Favoritos de Midas”), Ana Fernández (“Sé Quién Eres”), Javier Beltrán (“Sin Límites”), Guillermo Barrientos (“Velvet ” ), Carolina Lapausa (“La Señora”), Roser Tapias (“Alba”), Agnès Llobet (“Money Heist”), Candela Cruz (“La Peste”), Isabel Moreno (“Lo queda de nosotros”), Alba Brunet (“Patria”), José Milán (“Fuerza de Paz”) and Antonio Romero (“Money Heist”).