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Australian adult star claims her ex shaved his head and pretended he had cancer to cheat on her



Australian adult star claims her ex shaved his head and pretended he had cancer to cheat on her

The model was born in New Zealand, but grew up in Australia

An Australian adult star has claimed her ex-boyfriend pretended to have cancer so he could cheat on her New York Post reported. Hayley Davies said in a podcast that the man even shaved his head to make his lie more convincing. “My ex lied about having cancer so he could have a whole other girlfriend and multiple side girlfriends,” she said during a recent episode of an adult entertainment podcast.

The model, born in New Zealand but raised in Australia, revealed her ex initially claimed he had bone cancer but then changed his story and claimed it was skin cancer. She became even more suspicious when her ex stopped sending her regular video updates about his various activities, which he used to do. When she asked him what he was up to, he claimed he was with a friend.

When she looked at the camera roll on his phone, she found photos of him from the night before. ”I see the pictures of him that night with another girl. Then I saw a message come in, so I opened it and it said, ‘I love you, honey.'” And I answer and I say, ‘Who are you?’ and she says, ‘What?’ because I answer from his phone,” Ms Davies said.

The other woman immediately called her and the two told them how their friend lied to them. ”She had no idea he had cancer. They had been together longer, and she was the main one – the one who had met the family and everything,” she said.

After hanging up the phone, Ms Davies broke up with the man on the spot.

However, the adult star, who makes about $30,000 a month from a subscription site for adult models, said her jealous ex recently messaged her on TikTok asking for money. He claimed she wouldn’t be successful without a ‘viral TikT’ video they made together.

She refused his demands, noting that when they were together, he had told her that he was very wealthy and owned several properties.