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Biden takes historic steps to protect American steel from cheap Chinese imports




Biden to get the endorsement of steelworkers.

The Biden administration has announced a series of historic steps aimed at protecting the U.S. steel industry and creating good-paying jobs.

On a call with reporters, a senior administration official described President Biden’s approach to protecting the steel industry: “The President’s approach is strategic, balanced and targeted, and has been developed in close collaboration with industry stakeholders and unions directly addressing the crisis. have been through. consequences of China’s unfair trade practices for years. It is also an approach that involves working with our partners and allies, who are also feeling the impact of China’s overcapacity and artificially low-priced exports. President Biden has made clear that his vision for the future is one that does not leave American workers and communities behind. And today he continues to deliver on that promise.”

Here are the steps Biden is taking:

According to a White House fact sheet:

In response to China’s unfair practices, the Biden-Harris Administration is today taking new,
historic actions in support of American steel production and shipbuilding.

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• President Biden calls on the USTR to consider tripling the existing 301 tariff on Chinese steel and aluminum. The current average tariff on steel and aluminum is 7.5% under Section 301. American workers continue to face unfair competition from Chinese imports of steel and aluminum products, which are among the most emissions-intensive in the world . China’s policies and subsidies for its domestic steel and aluminum industries mean that high-quality American products are being undermined by artificially low-priced Chinese alternatives produced with higher emissions.

To the extent consistent with the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) review of Section 301 tariffs and the findings of its investigation, President Biden calls on the USTR to consider increasing the effectiveness of tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum products by triple.

• President Biden’s Commerce Department is taking action against countries and importers that do not follow the rules and flood the market with cheap products. Since President Biden took office, the Commerce Department has imposed more than 30 anti-dumping and countervailing duties on steel-related products. These are tariffs on steel imports that are below fair and competitive values. The Commerce Department has also conducted nearly 27 investigations into anti-competitive actions by Chinese exporters and attempts by countries like China to circumvent trade rules.

• President Biden is directing his senior team to work with Mexico to prevent China from imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imported into the United States from Mexico. This is a growing challenge that must be addressed to prevent Chinese steel exports from accessing the US market under USMCA tariffs.

• The United States Trade Representative launches an investigation into China’s unfair trade practices in the shipbuilding, maritime and logistics industries. This investigation follows a petition filed by the United Steelworkers (USW) and four other unions claiming that the Chinese government’s drive to dominate the global shipbuilding, maritime and logistics sectors is based on non-market policies that are far more aggressive . and more interventionist than any other country. President Biden believes it is critical to understand China’s uniquely aggressive set of interventions in these sectors, and to take actions that address disruptions in the global commercial ship, shipping and logistics markets that are hurting American workers and shipbuilders .

• President Biden is committed to maintaining strong American steel companies, powered by American steelworkers. In light of the proposed sale of US Steel to Nippon Steel, President Biden will continue to make clear that US Steel has been an iconic American steel company for more than a century, and it is critical that it remains an American steel company that is managed and operated.

• President Biden is investing in American-made clean steel. Today’s announcements build on the government’s green steelmaking commitments.

The Biden-Harris administration recently announced up to $1.5 billion for six clean iron and steel projects through the bipartisan Infrastructure Act and Inflation Reduction Act as part of a historic broader investment to reduce emissions from energy-intensive industries. These projects aim to demonstrate innovative technologies that could eliminate the vast majority of emissions from steel production and enable the industry to phase out more traditional carbon-intensive production methods. They will support the economic comeback of steel communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and the South and Midwest so that the U.S. steel industry can remain competitive as the global leader in low-carbon iron and steel products.

These investments include up to $75 million for the US’s only high-silicon electrical steel mill in Lyndora, Pennsylvania, which will provide more than 1,000 United Autoworker jobs at the Cleveland-Cliffs Butler Works plant and up to $500 million for the Cleveland-Cliffs Butler Works factory. -Cliffs plant in Middletown, Ohio to produce clean steel for the automotive supply chain.

Biden is doing what Trump campaigned for.

President Biden is putting American workers and American steel first. Biden understands that the American economy must start making things again to maintain its status as the most dominant economy in the world.

Joe Biden understands that a strong workforce with good jobs and wages leads to a strong economy.

While Trump wants to protect billionaires, Biden protects American workers.

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