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Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2024 Collection



“In a few words, the first conversation I had with the team was about what Bottega’s ready-to-wear would have been when they started making bags in the late 60s and 70s. Of course, the idea was almost to work on something anachronistic – we don’t want to go too literal, it was the idea of ​​a modern time traveler.”

Matthieu Blazy’s autumn Bottega Veneta show was one of the most talked about shows of the season and was admired not only for its transportive decor, with its cactus sculptures made of Murano glass and Le Corbusier stools made of scorched wood. He was moved by our turbulent times to conjure up a resilient show. landscape – but also for the way it elevated essential pieces like the cocooning peacoat in the first look, “making a monument of the everyday,” as he eloquently put it.

This pre-fall lineup was developed before the show collection, but emerged from the same instincts for the purposeful and utilitarian. The late 1960s and 1970s witnessed the birth of the women’s liberation movement and the democratization of fashion – they are not unrelated topics. Blazy has given the season’s practical pieces a Bottega Veneta polish, but he clearly said: “I wanted things to be a little simpler and softer; more mundane, fewer statements.”

The development process involved a lot of photo research, including looking at old Interview magazines – “Andy Warhol loved Bottega,” he explained – to see “how people layered and mixed and matched.” It led to results like the suede skirt over suede pants in the photo you see here, and the embellished crew-neck shirt with striped collar and the tucked-in gray jeans with a belt. The spirit he exuded was “bourgeois, but decontracté,” he suggested, pointing to a plaid button-down (real cotton, not leather, as he did in the past) worn with a leather bomber jacket and a khaki twill skirt, and another plaid button-down (this one in nubuck, not cotton) with a full skirt. In handbags, he pursued a similar goal, promoting styles that don’t necessarily foreground the famous woven leather strips. A red leather bandana bag is especially cool.

There’s plenty more to think about in this lookbook: the pastel Miami pantsuits, the colorful suede intrecciato pieces, including an iteration of that skirt-over-pants silhouette, the turquoise and red leopard print pants and matching pumps , and a vibrant horizontal striped knit dress with the nubby pile of a carpet. Blazy can’t help it: they each make a statement.