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Brillante Mendoza’s Vigilante Saga ‘Pula’ makes its world premiere on Netflix




Brillante Mendoza's Vigilante Saga 'Pula' makes its world premiere on Netflix

Filipino author Brillante Mendoza’s film “Pula” has made a world premiere on Netflix.

The story unfolds in the devoutly Catholic city of Pula and explores themes of faith, fanaticism and vigilante justice.

In the film, the quiet lives of Senior Master Sergeant Danilo Faraon (Coco Martin) and his family are turned upside down by a tragic event that shakes the foundations of their close-knit community. The murder of a teenage girl sends Faraon into a vortex of deceit, betrayal and guilt, setting him on a path of revenge against those he believes have wronged him and the people of Pula.

The cast also includes Julia Montes, Raymart Santiago, Lotlot De Leon, Alan Paule, Elizabeth Oropesa, Christine Bermas, Ina Alegre and Vince Rillon.

Mendoza, who won the Best Director Award at Cannes in 2009 for ‘Kinatay’, is a regular at festivals and continues to explore social issues through his films.

“The premiere of ‘Pula’ on Netflix marks a moment of deep gratitude for me. It transcends
accolades and recognition, providing the opportunity to connect with a global audience. Normally,
After my film was shown at prestigious festivals worldwide, people are having a hard time
find where I can watch my movies. Now Netflix provides a platform where the film’s story can be touched upon
hearts all over the world. My deepest satisfaction as a filmmaker comes from knowing that
diverse audiences embrace my work. I hope viewers not only enjoy ‘Pula’, but also discover it
a reflection of himself in the story,” Mendoza said.

“’Pula’ is my reunion project with Coco Martin after almost 14 years. Coco played a small role in ‘Captive’ with Isabel Huppert, which competed in a competition in Berlin in 2012. What I really enjoy about my collaborations with Coco is his passion, dedication and respect, not only for his profession but also for his colleagues. It is always a pleasure to work with an artist like Coco,” said Mendoza.

Sales on “Pula” are handled by Philippines-based global company Fire and Ice Sales. CEO Liza Dino said:
“We are proud to represent Brillante Mendoza’s film collection and find Netflix as a partner
bringing his compelling and moving films to the world. Brillante is an A-list household name
film festival world, and he has put the Philippines on the map thanks to his accolades. But his
films find a platform on Netflix, which is an opportunity for a wider audience to see them
important masterpieces of Philippine cinema.”

“Pula” will stream exclusively on Netflix in the Asia Pacific region starting May 3.