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“B*tch, you think I’m on horse medicine?” – Joe Rogan GOES OUT due to CNN’s Ivermectin smear campaign (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert




“B*tch, you think I'm on horse medicine?”  – Joe Rogan GOES OUT due to CNN's Ivermectin smear campaign (VIDEO) |  The Gateway expert

Via the Watchful Fox.

Joe Rogan was on CNN again this week for their famous Ivermectin smear campaign.

Joe Rogan: “I never thought I would be sucked into something like this where people would lie about me. But if you watch it on CNN, you’re just outright lying. That’s a function of power, dude. But it’s wild. The stupidest lie.

B*tch, you think I’m on horse meds? Don’t you think I know really good doctors who will tell me what to take? What about the fact that I got better quickly? That doesn’t scare you at all? I got better very quickly. I bet you were so happy when that shit started. What was it, 48 hours then you were done. Yes. Three days later, after I was sick, I made that video, and everything went well. Three days after that I did 10 rounds on the bag. Six days later I did 10 rounds on the bag. I’m like, let’s see how I feel. I trained for five days. I felt pretty good. I said, OK, let’s go after it tomorrow. I did 10 rounds on the back. Full clip. No problems. No problems. No lack of energy. Six days later I felt 100%. Yes. 100%.

But I am aware of my health all day long, all year round. I’m always in shape. I always take vitamins. I always eat well. I sleep well. I do many things. You cannot say that everyone must adhere to the rules of this business when You lie about the results, you lie about the studies, you influence all these talking heads to say things that don’t even turn out to be true at all. Not only that, there is no research behind it. When they spoke for whatever it was in Britain, they had to admit that they had tested these drugs for transmission. They just tested them to see if they produced antibodies. Then all the other things they said were nonsense.

This isn’t the first time Joe Rogan went after CNN for smearing him and lying about Ivermectin.

Rogan threatened to sue CNN in September 2021 after they “kept making up” and repeating that he was taking a horse dewormer for COVID 19.

The FDA finally admitted in March 2024 that people taking Ivermectin for COVID 19 recovered faster.

They Lied to You: New Research Shows People Taking Ivermectin for COVID Recovered Faster – As TGP Reported More Than Two Years Ago!

Through The Joe Rogan Experience.

This comes years after the FDA waged a public campaign against the drug and tens of thousands died as a result.