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By Malene Birger Resort 2025 Collection



Tranquility and excitement coexist in the By Malene Birger resort collection. Somehow, Maja Dixdotter found a way to maintain a sense of balance while livening things up with shots of ruby ​​red and wild running with toned-down animal patterns. A leopard print pony hair coat and one hero piece have a roar factor, but the other one looks mostly purring. Below is a soft ivory knit set with a short, flirty skirt. That gemstone red color is used for a versatile slip skirt and a kaftan. A charming midi dress with handmade pom-poms on either side of the center front closure is more than beautiful; it fulfills the designer’s wish “to always have something made by hand in the future.”

The lookbook images are actually photos that Dixdotter took from a home video. This can be read in different ways; perhaps the designer is trying to remind us of the big picture or speak about timelessness. Her ideals are closely aligned with the make-do-and-mend values ​​of recent decades. Having worked with seniors as a young woman, Dixdotter says, “I am not only inspired by the way they dress, but also by the way they live. What I remember most, and what was different between young and old people,” she said, “is that they took better care of their things. They buy something when they need it. If it breaks, they fix it. [That’s] super modern actually, that’s how you have to think now.” Dixdotter’s goal is to translate thought into action: “I feel like what I can do to actually make a change is to work differently.” For example, the atelier is now making fewer samples, and for this pre-collection the atmosphere and garments are airy, making them adaptable to changing climates and suitable for layering.