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Cancun is active again! Hurricane Beryl caused minimal damage, authorities say



Cancun Back In Business! Hurricane Beryl Caused Minimal Damages, Say Authorities

Cancun’s alluring hotel zone strictly implemented the protection recommendations of the state and federal governments, resulting in Hurricane Beryl minimal damagethe authorities have said.

As soon as the hurricane left the city, civil protection officers and some firefighters patrolled the area, including Kukulkan Boulevard, to do some drainage work as the area had a flood (up to 20 cm).

The power grid withstood the high winds and no one was killed or injured. Hours later, mobility improved as water flowed from the streets.

Quintana Roo reported only “minor inconveniences” compared to what happened in other Caribbean destinations such as the island of Grenada.

Good preventive work was key to protecting Cancun’s hotel zone, fire officials said. This allowed businesses to reopen by the weekend.

Were there beaches affected in Cancun?

Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) officials also inspected Cancun’s seven beaches and found that only a few palm trees and some poorly constructed wooden beach bars had fallen.

The beaches most affected were Playa Delfines and San Miguelito, both located in Cancun’s hotel zone.

“Under the supervision of the municipality, we surveyed the seven public beaches to determine how much impact this meteorological phenomenon had on them. No significant damage has been reported so far. Just some fallen palapas and palm trees,’ said Zofemat director Justo Rocha.

Tourists can return safely, authorities say

Cancun area experiencing hottest heat wave in 50 years, experts warn

More than 200 flights were canceled during the passage of Hurricane Beryl. However, the airports have already restored all regular activities.

“We are reactivating the economy. We want everything to return to normal as soon as possible,” Quintana Roo Governor Mara Lezama said after ensuring Tulum did not sustain major damage.

“Storms also pass,” Lezama said on