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Check out this Apple Watch running Android for gaming purposes




Check out this Apple Watch running Android for gaming purposes

Using an Apple Watch for Android gaming isn’t a set of words I thought I’d ever type, but here we are. In this strange world of technological advancement, there are all kinds of crazy projects that people set their sights on. Honestly, putting Android on an Apple Watch to play Android games might not be the strangest way for people to play games. Anyway, this is certainly not a common way of gaming and that is what makes it so intriguing.

Posted on Reddit this week and spotted by Android Police And Wccftecha user named u/R3V3RB_7 has created an unlikely portable gaming device. An Apple Watch Ultra running Android and tethered to a Bluetooth wireless controller. The setup uses a knock-off DualSense controller and the watch is mounted around the touchpad. The watch’s display is therefore exactly in the middle between the joysticks, d-pad and action buttons.

Judging from the video, this doesn’t seem like the most practical setup for a number of reasons. Firstly, the display on the watch, while large compared to other smartwatches, is quite small for gaming. The watch case is also so large that it gets in the way of the right joystick. It appears that the joystick is pushed to the bottom right, which would hinder gameplay. But it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. Actually, things seem to be working fine. The d-pad is used for movement and the action buttons work fine. So it is possible that the joystick is disabled so as not to disrupt the experience.

Android gaming on an Apple Watch, because you can

Most people who play games would probably agree that this doesn’t seem like a very suitable way to play games. However, the fact that you can set this up is downright cool. In the video shared on Reddit, the user has downloaded a Game Boy Advance emulator and is playing GBA games like Castlevania Aria or Sorrow. And the nature of retro games is that they usually don’t have too many input actions, so the four action buttons and a d-pad work fine.

The controller also works for navigating the user interface on the watch. So there’s that. Also worth noting is that this doesn’t appear to be a real Apple Watch. Android Police points out that it also appears to be a knock-off, with some different board parts, while the whole thing runs a stripped-down version of Android.

The user doesn’t mention anything about how this all comes together or whether it’s anything more than a fun project. Still, this is a nice idea and it’s always great to see unique creations like this.

Portable emulation console(?)
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