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Colin Jost’s message about his grandfather, Biden and decency will determine the election




Colin Jost and Joe Biden at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Colin Jost closed the White House Correspondents Dinner on a strong note and his comments about his grandfather, Biden, and decency could shape the election.

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Jost said at the end of his set:

With my family in mind, I wanted to share one more thing with you before I go, and I wanted to share one thing with you, Mr. President, before I go. I lost my grandfather this year, as you said, a firefighter, William Kelly. He is the reason my son’s middle name is William. He helped me growing up and without him I wouldn’t be here today.

My grandfather was a firefighter on Staten Island for forty years. To earn some extra money for his family, he was a substitute teacher and painted houses. I should point out that it’s not like Scorsce The Irishman painting houses. He wasn’t a mafia hitman. He actually painted houses. The FBI is here. I don’t feel like starting a whole business.

My grandfather was also a rare Irishman who did not drink because he had lost his father and brother to alcoholism. I swear, Mr. President, this is not an age comparison. You remind me of him. Some of your best qualities remind me of him. I will say he was 95 and still could kick well. I think it’s because he didn’t try to run at them.

But the reason I bring up my grandfather – and I don’t know if you know this – is because Staten Island firefighters are not normally your target audience. Staten Island voted about 70 percent for Trump, with the remaining 30% for Giuliani.

Staten Island also sided with the British during the Revolutionary War. So we are not always on the right side of history. Do you remember.

My grandfather, a firefighter from Staten Island, voted for you, Mr. President. He voted for you in the last election he ever voted in. I’m sure someone else will vote under his name twice in this election, but that’s just how the Democratic machine works. He voted for you and the reason he voted for you is because you are a decent human being

My grandfather voted for decency and decency is why we’re all here tonight. Decency is the way we can all be here tonight. Decency is the way we can make fun of each other and not one of us goes to jail.

About endorsing someone without actually endorsing them. Colin Jost reminded the nation that the election is not about age, foreign policy, the economy or the border. The 2024 elections are about something more fundamental: decency.

The reason Trump’s hush-money lawsuit resonates so deeply is because it illustrates Trump’s lack of basic decency as a human being. Electing a president who has no decency hurts the country and the American people.

Colin Jost’s comments were not an expression of support for Biden. They were an affirmation of decency, and Joe Biden is the decent candidate.

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