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Cool Naija Celeb Looks To Elevate Your Closet




here is no party like the Eko party. And if we’re honest, every day the streets of Lasgidi are a party for stylish Lagos babes who are constantly outdoing each other in a fashion battle. The suits snap, the dresses give, and the entire sartorial performance is suffused with enough noise to last a decade.

The weather is still warm, even with occasional rain showers. Celebrities and style influencers have responded to the heat with more warmth, just the way we like it. From fancy occasions to running errands, the girls did their best to be undeniably sassy.

Check out the cool Naija celeb looks spotted on the streets of Lagos…

#1. Tiwa wanted

Photo: @tiwasavage/Instagram

What seemed like an innovative fashion risk has become an everyday fashion affair. Integrating pieces with metallic and reflective surfaces with garments has become the norm. Tiwa wanted made a case for metallic infusions in an LFJ miniskirt with a classic white button-up shirt. She underlined the look with a red mini bag and blue glittering pumps.

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#2. Adaeze Yobo

Photo: @adaezeyobo/Instagram

Adaeze Yobo wore an Ozinna set to the polo tournament in Lagos. The former beauty queen isn’t known for attending many events, but when she does step out, it’s always a hit. This time she opted for a set with a loose-fitting top with print and blue trousers with a wide hem. A polished and relaxed look, accessorized with a blue stone necklace and oversized sunglasses. The outfit screamed Rich Aunty and can be worn to most outdoor occasions.

#3. Anita Asuoha

Photo: @medlinboss/Instagram

While others went soft and opted for elevated casual ensembles, Anita Asuoha (The Real Warri Pikin) dressed in a custom structured dress by Medlin Couture to attend the DANG Women Fest. The headpiece was a striking delight and the blending of different fabrics on the dress was nothing short of luxurious.

#4. Nonye Udeogu

Photo: @whatnaylikes/Instagram

Nude dresses are an ideal canvas for any creative style input. You can choose to wear a nude dress and brighten it up with bold shades or accessories, or keep it low-key and sophisticated with a neutral napkin. Nonye Udeogu opted for the latter option with a neutral outfit from head to toe. The interesting silhouette of the mini bag and the playful details on the PVC sandals created a fun atmosphere.

#5. Veronica Odeka

Photo: @veronicaodeka/Instagram

If you need infinite skirt style options, Veronica Odeka is your plug. She recently wore a sheer army green jacket with a flowy high-waisted skirt. The airy combination is the perfect choice for this current warm weather. Staying stylish while battling the heat is the goal. Her pixie cut also scored more points for this non-conforming look.

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#6. Anita Adetoye

Photo: @anitaadetoye/Instagram

Business girls will always reinvent a good suit. For some, the office color codes may not be adventurous, but the cuts and embellishments can be explored. Anita Adetoye wore a simple gray striped suit with an interesting silhouette. She wore a cropped blazer over a high-waisted midi skirt with button-up peplum details. For a light dazzle, she wore gold strappy sandals, a dainty necklace and a gold handbag. The cornrows grabbed her edges and stepped back so the suit could have its moment.

#7. Nonye Udeogu

Photo: @whatnaylikes/Instagram

A classic suit is essential for a boss chic starter pack. The tailored suit on a ready-made frame with a white shirt peeking out from underneath is a classic look that will never go out of fashion. Nonye Udeogu slipped into a brown Mimmi Kasu suit and carried out the murder with precision. This is typical work clothing that commands respect, but can still be worn to a trade fair or seminar. If it’s not premium, count on us. This is a straight A across the board.

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