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Democrats can stop Marjorie Taylor Greene from ousting Mike Johnson




The Senate is humiliating House Republicans on Mayorkas impeachment

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said a group of Democrats Rep. Majority Taylor Greene (R-GA) could prevent Speaker Mike Johnson from being ousted by not voting on the eviction motion.

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Transcript via: MSNBC/Inside with Jen Psaki:

PSAKI: Even before that, I mean, there are members of the Republican Party threatening – Marjorie Taylor Greene, of course – to impeach Chairman Johnson.

And the real possibility is that an alternative could be worse. I mean, these are crazy times we live in. Would you support him, vote for him as speaker if it were up to you? Or would – do you think other Democrats would?

SCHIFF: I think what would probably happen if they go ahead with this motion to try to impeach him because he brought up the financing of Ukraine, you would have a large enough group of Democrats who would just walk away and not vote, which, Frankly, this would probably be the correct result.

I don’t think it does the speaker any good if the Democrats are responsible for his rescue. But Republicans would essentially vote for the speaker. It’s just that the voting threshold is lowered so that the votes of the lunatics, the Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Gosar, etc., do not in any way prevent the House from governing.


A group of Democrats could decide not to vote on the eviction proposal, which would lower the threshold number of votes Johnson would need to keep his job and ensure Democrats don’t have to vote for the Republican chairman.

The Democrats could wash their hands of the whole thing and make it a Republican issue by walking away. Republicans have the majority. They have to figure it out. Their job is to choose and retain a speaker.

This solution makes the most sense and also takes power away from Marjorie Taylor Greene, so it’s a win all around. The House continues to function and Greene loses.

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