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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: Editor tested and reviewed




Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: Editor tested and reviewed
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In recent years, exfoliation has gotten a bad rap. After spending way too much time on 12-step, active-heavy routines that left everyone’s skin stripped and sensitized, we all agreed to ditch the intense scrubs in favor of gentler alternatives. Overall, this was a step in the right direction and gave us a chance to repair our skin without potential irritation. But while *too much* exfoliation can do more harm than good, there’s still a benefit to using it in your daily routine, and that’s true Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant ($45) comes in.

Dermalogica, Daily Microfoliant – $45.00

Featured Ingredients: Papain enzymes, salicylic acid, phytic acid derived from rice bran, colloidal oatmeal, allantoin

Mate: 1.4 oz.

  • Gentle enough to use every day
  • Provides chemical and physical exfoliation
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Luxury user experience

Why do you need to exfoliate?

The main purpose of exfoliation is simple: remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface (and any dirt and grime underneath) to brighten and even out your complexion. Plus, removing this layer of gunk creates a clean canvas that allows the rest of the products in your routine to penetrate more deeply.

There are two different ways to exfoliate. Physical exfoliation is the most common, thanks to our collective obsession with St. Ives in the early 2000s. This involves using a scrub or brush to manually buff your skin; and chemical exfoliation, which uses hydroxy acids (such as glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids) to break the bonds that hold dead skin cells to the skin’s surface and melt them away.

Although most dermatologists recommend limiting your exfoliating practice to a few times a week, there are certain situations where it’s okay to do this daily, such as if you have oily or acne-prone skin, or if you have a “micro” -exfoliant” that uses smaller than usual scrubbing granules à la Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant.

“For many skin types, microexfoliation can be done daily,” says facialist Michaela Bolder (The only exception is if you have super sensitive skin, in which case you should still only exfoliate once a week). “The process is much less abrasive and so does not interfere with the superficial layer of the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and looking brighter, but without anything rough, making it ideal for regular use.”

How Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant Works

Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant uses these much smaller ‘micro’ particles in powder form, making it safe to use every day on (almost) all skin types. “Microexfoliation is a way to remove dead surface skin cells and stimulate new skin cells, giving the skin an overall rejuvenated look,” says Rachel Nazian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group. It is different from regular exfoliation because it is done more gently and involves less risk of irritation and a faster recovery.”

Photo: Dermalogica

Dermalogica’s powder is made from finely ground rice bran particles, which are much less abrasive than other common peeling ingredients (ahem, apricot kernels), but still get the job done. It combines this physically exfoliating powder with chemical exfoliants – namely papain enzymes and salicylic acid – to give you a one-two punch of purifying powers. The enzymes work by breaking down the keratin in the top layers of the skin to release dead skin cells, while salicylic acid dives deep into your pores to remove dirt and grime from within. “These acids and enzymes loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, making them easier to disappear,” Hadley King, MDa board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, previously told Well+Good.

Although Dermalogica’s exfoliating ingredients are naturally gentle, the formula combines them with a few extra soothing ingredients to ensure you can use it every day without irritation, namely colloidal oatmeal and allantoin. Additionally, the Daily Microfoliant contains white tea and licorice to further enhance its skin-brightening power.

Another nice thing about the powder that’s worth mentioning: because there’s no water in the formula, you get a highly concentrated form of the actives that are both more potent and longer lasting. So while $66 may seem high, it’s worth the investment considering the good ingredients you get and how long you can keep the product without worrying about it expiring.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

First of all: this product is extremely satisfying to use. It comes out of the bottle as a powder (you only need half a teaspoon) that turns into a frothy foam when you mix it with water. Massaging the foam into your face is downright luxurious, especially as you feel the tiny rice particles polishing your skin. Together the two textures really give you the feeling of your pores being deeply cleansed.

I love using the Microfoliant in the shower, mainly because it’s very easy to combine with water and rinse off without any mess (just be careful when you open and close the bottle so you don’t accidentally let water in). As per dermatologist recommendation, I use small, circular motions and a light touch to really work the powder into my skin for a minute.

My skin is dry, so I usually limit my exfoliation to a maximum of twice a week. The thought of scrubbing my skin every day initially made me terribly emphasized as visions of inevitable irritation swam through my mind. But after using the Microfoliant every day for a week, I’m happy to report that not only is my skin not sensitive, but it actually looks better than any other skin. terribly long time.

The dullness I had always accepted as a side effect of living in a polluted city has been replaced by a complexion that can best be described as ‘brightly lit from within’. But beyond that, it feels *so* soft, which I partly owe to the Microfoliant’s ability to shed, but also to the fact that using it daily ensures that any moisturizing products I put on top of it work optimally .

With a sweaty summer ahead, I’m thrilled to have found a product that deeply cleanses my skin, especially because I can feel And see it at work. Exfoliation may have burned me – and a lot of other people – in the past, but with this stuff, clear skin without irritation is just a daily one-minute massage away.

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