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Donald Trump unleashes fiery tirade at 7 a.m. attacking ‘The White House Thugs’ and accusing DOJ of conspiring against him




Donald Trump unleashes fiery tirade at 7 a.m. attacking 'The White House Thugs' and accusing DOJ of conspiring against him

Donald Trump woke up ready to fight. The ex-president blasted his various enemies in an early morning tirade as he prepared for his trial next week.

On Wednesday, Trump posted a fiery message to his supporters on his social media platform Truth social.

On Truth Social, Trump said: “The White House thugs should not have these dangerous and unfair Biden trials during my campaign for president. All of them, civil and criminal, could have been brought more than three years ago. It is an illegal attack on a political opponent. It is communism at its worst, and election meddling at its best.”

Trump continued: “Nothing like this has ever happened in our country before. On Monday I will be forced to sit gagged in front of a VERY CONFLICTED & CORRUPT JUDGE, whose hatred for me knows no bounds. All these ‘judges’ and prosecutors from New York and DC have the same MINDSET. No one other than this Soros accuser, Alvin Bragg, wanted to take on this ridiculous case.”

He ended with: ‘All legal scholars say it is a sham. BIDEN’S DOJ IS HANDLING THE CASE. Think about it: These animals want to put the former President of the United States (who got more votes than any sitting president!) and the PARTY’S REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE IN JAIL because they did absolutely nothing wrong. It’s a RUSH TO THE END. SO UNFAIR!”

A few hours later, Trump continued to attack Biden solely for his immigration policies.

Trump wrote: “For three years, corrupt Joe Biden flooded our country with tens of millions of illegal aliens while insisting he could do nothing to stop it. DO NOT be fooled by a fake Biden Executive Order. Crooked Joe opposes deportations and wants to turn his illegal immigrants into voting citizens. He gives them free welfare, healthcare and housing, and he lets them destroy our hospitals, our education system, social security and healthcare, while our communities are under siege by migrant crime.”

He ended with, “On day one, I will deport Crooked Joe’s Illegals and close the border!”