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Dua Lipa will host ‘SNL’ and serve as musical guest




Dua Lipa will host 'SNL' and serve as musical guest

Singer Dua Lipa will serve a dual role on the May 4 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” serving as the musical guest and performing. The announcement was made during Saturday’s episode, hosted by Ryan Gosling and featuring music by Chris Stapleton.

Lipa’s third studio album ‘Radical Optimism’ will be released on May 3. She has also ventured into the acting world, last seen in this year’s big budget spy adventure ‘Argylle’ and last year’s ‘Barbie’.

Lipa recently spoke with Variety about the statement she hopes to make with her upcoming record.

“I think it’s important for me to understand that when things are bad, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. “I always think about it, when I’m in the middle of a mess of turmoil or when everything is going wrong, I always say to myself, in a few months I’m going to look back on that moment and say, thank you God, I walked through it. I have not decided to hide or not deal with the current problem, whatever it is, but I have actually chosen to move through it. And that’s how I grew. And I think that’s generally true, especially in today’s world. I think it’s important that we just learn to walk through the fire and not hide from it or shy away from it. That’s just optimism. It’s probably the boldest thing we can do.”

Lipa’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” is the 18th of season 49. She was previously the musical guest on the Natalie Portman-hosted February 3, 2018 episode and the Kristen Wiig-hosted December 19, 2020 show.