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DWTS’s Lindsay Arnold says 3-year-old daughter flooded their house



DWTS's Lindsay Arnold says 3-year-old daughter flooded their house
Courtesy of Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

Lindsay Arnold had a story for her fans about how her toddler accidentally flooded their house.

“Just in case you’re having a bad day, let me tell you how our house just flooded. Lock up some pretty unfortunate events here, ‘the Dancing with the stars alum, 30, said on Thursday, May 9: TikTok video. “But our house flooded.”

Arnold, who shares daughters June, 10, and Sage, 3, with husband Sam Cusickgrimaced as he prepared to recount the event, acknowledging that things could be “way worse” compared to the hardships of others.

“The other day we came home and our entire kitchen and the main floor were flooded with so much water,” she said, gesturing with her thumb and index finger to indicate the amount of liquid. “Sam immediately thinks about running to the basement to check and I hear him yell a nice big curse word.”

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The dancer said the basement of her home was flooded because the water had “poured” through the ceiling and was essentially “flowing.”

“So that day the water on our street was turned off for the entire street because they were doing maintenance,” Arnold explained, noting that she wasn’t sure what was going on. “None of the taps worked.”

Arnold then mentioned that in their house they have a water faucet next to their sink that Sage usually uses to get water throughout the day. She noted that in the past, Sage has never left the tap on or even spilled any liquid. Although Arnold was unsure, she theorized that Sage must have tried to use the device while the water was turned off.

“At some point, Sage went to fill her water using that faucet, turned it over the counter, put her cup underneath it and turned it on,” she said. “And no water came out, so she didn’t turn it off again.”

Arnold said she and her family ended up going out to dinner to celebrate her mother’s birthday before the water officially reopened.

“Around 5 a.m. the water came back on. We left about 15 minutes before the water came back on and we didn’t get back until 7:30 that night,” she recalls. “So as soon as the water turned back on, the tap started running water and kept running for almost three and a half hours. Directly on our countertop, throughout the kitchen and of course into the basement.”

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The flood caused extensive damage to her home, so now the family has to replace all the flooring on the main floor, the kitchen cabinets and the island. Because the cabinets have to be removed, Arnold tells her she also has to replace the countertops. Arnold also revealed that the drywall, insulation, ceiling and floor in the basement also needed repairs. Although the toddler’s mistake is costly, Arnold tries to stay positive.

“I’ve never liked our kitchen countertops, so maybe this happened for a reason. Now I can get some new worksheets,” she half-heartedly joked. “That’s the only positive side.”