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Father keeps hope as cruise passenger, 20, presumed dead after jumping overboard




Father keeps hope as cruise passenger, 20, presumed dead after jumping overboard


April 11, 2024, published at 7:00 PM ET

Levion Parkera 20-year-old from Florida, is presumed dead a week after jumping from a huge jump. Cruise ship on the way home from the Bahamas, but has learned that his father thinks he might still be alive.

The U.S. Coast Guard announced Tuesday that it had suspended the search for Levion, five days after the high school football player reportedly made the alcohol-fueled decision to jump from the ship’s 11th deck around 3:30 a.m.

The Royal Caribbeans Freedom of the seas was less than 60 miles from Fort Lauderdale when Levion landed in the water.

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cruise levion parker
Source: @francelparker/Instagram

Francel Parker thinks his outdoor son could have found a way to survive all this time.

Francel Parker thinks his outdoorsman son, an expert diver from North Port who worked on a fishing boat, could have found a way to survive all that time.

“As soon as he left the side, I prayed for him. I felt confident that the prayers I said for my son were heard. I stand on the word of God. I believe he is alive,” Francel said. told The daily sun Thursday.

Called a passenger Bryan Sims shared with the New York Post he was in a hot tub on the ship with Levion, who “appeared to be drunk” before making an “impulsive jump,” citing the witness.

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Source: MEGA

The four-day cruise sailed between Cuba and the Grand Inagua Islands of the Bahamas.

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Levion was hanging out with his brother and Sims before he got into an argument with his father, Sims said.

“As we walked from the hot tub back to the elevators, his father and brother walked up to us. His dad made a fuss about him because he was drunk, I think,” he recalled.

The witness said he then heard Levion say, “I’ll take care of this right away.”

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“And he jumped out the window in front of all of us,” Sims said, adding that it happened “literally 8 to 10 feet in front of me.”

The 18-story ship halted its journey with 4,000 people on board and the search for Levion ensued.



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lev parker
Source: Instagram/@levionparker

Levion Parker was an avid outdoorsman from North Port, Florida.

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Francel told me Sun that life rings were thrown at his son, but they failed to bring him to safety. He also said he was surprised when he learned Levion was under the influence.

“We don’t drink,” Francel explained. “I would like to know how my son was served so much alcohol.”

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A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean told Daily Mail that the cruise line did not serve the 20 year old alcohol.

“We have a strict policy against underage drinking. We did not serve this guest on board,” the source said. “The ship was in the Dominican Republic that day, so we cannot say what the guest was doing when he disembarked.”

“Our thoughts go out to the family and we continue to offer them our support and assistance at this difficult time,” the spokesperson added.

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royal caribbean freedom of the seas
Source: MEGA

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson denied that the 20-year-old had consumed alcohol on the ship.

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However, Francel said the incident occurred more than nine hours after the cruise left the Dominican Republic and suggested the company should be held responsible.

The four-day cruise left Fort Lauderdale on April 1 and sailed between Cuba and the Grand Inagua Islands of the Bahamas.

The Freedom of the seas is one of the world’s largest ocean liners with a length of 350 meters and 15 decks.