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Former 1/6 committee chairman tells Trump to go home and wait for sentencing




Former 1/6 committee chairman tells Trump to go home and wait for sentencing

Former 1/6 Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) told Trump to go back to Mar-a-Lago and wait for his felony conviction.

Rep. Thompson said in a statement to PoliticusUSA: “How dare Trump, after inciting a deadly insurrection that defiled the halls of Congress, show his face on these grounds? Republicans in Congress are allowing him to come in here when he is known to have no respect for democracy. Since January 6, Donald Trump, a twice-impeached convicted felon, has repeatedly doubled down on his disrespect for the rule of law and continues to sow hatred and division. He still poses the same serious threat to our democracy as he did three years ago – and we would be wise to return to Mar-a-Lago and await his sentencing.”

The general response from Democrats to Trump’s return to the Capitol is that this threat to democracy does not belong anywhere near Congress, and Republicans are showing exactly why they deserve to lose the majority in the House of Representatives. The Biden campaign responded to Trump’s visit with an ad that reminded swing state voters of what Trump did and tried to do to the country on 1/6/2021.

It is encouraging that Democrats will not allow Donald Trump to be normalized. Trump is not an ex-president or presumptive party candidate visiting the Capitol. Donald J. Trump is a convicted felon who attempted to overthrow the United States government, which Republicans have embraced and invited back to the Capitol.

Representative Thompson was right. Donald Trump is as big a threat to democracy today as he was in 1/6. If anything, the felony conviction has made Trump even more desperate to return to power at all costs.

Democrats should not miss an opportunity during this campaign to consistently remind voters who Donald Trump is and what he has done.

The convicted felon has to go home, play golf and hope the judge in Manhattan doesn’t lock him up.