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Fox News hosts are outraged by Hillary Clinton’s ‘toxic’ comments




Fox News hosts are outraged by Hillary Clinton's 'toxic' comments

Fox News host Will Cain called Clinton’s comments “completely insane!”

“People really believe this stuff,” he told his co-host. “They honestly believe he would kill his opposition. A threat to democracy, like this is the last election. But this is why they believe things like this, because someone like that says so.”

“By the way, the checks and balances that she’s talking about, I’m sorry, but this is another step in the canon of, you know, blaming others for the sins that you commit,” Cain continued. “The Democratic Party undermined checks and balances, not President Trump. The Democratic Party has said they should storm the court. The Democratic Party has threatened the United States Supreme Court. The Democratic Party uses executive power to enforce or not enforce laws. by Congress when it comes to things like the border.”