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GeForce NOW is going all-in on Fallout this week




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Fallout fans were treated well this week when all eight episodes of the TV series were released on Prime Video a day early on April 10, and now GeForce NOW is giving subscribers the opportunity to spend just a little more time in the wasteland. Feel free to do this while watching the show or afterward. Even when you’re not at home, with GeForce NOW you can play games in the cloud.

In addition to the Fallout games, 8 more games will be added to the service for streaming this week. This includes GIGANTIC: RAMPAGE EDITION, Inkbound 1.0, Broken Roads, Infection Free Zone, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Backpack Battles, Ghostrunner, and Terra Invicta. Those first four games are all new releases that just launched this week. So if you’re diving into your PC at home, you now have a way to play them on the go.

There is also good news for HoYoverse fans. Honkai Star Rail is coming soon to GeForce NOW. NVIDIA does not mention a release date. However, it does say that it “will be released this quarter.” That means it should arrive in July, as the second quarter recently started in late March. Honkai Star Rail was first announced for GeForce NOW at CES 2024, so it’s been a long time coming.

Two Fallout games are coming to GeForce NOW

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Whether the Fallout TV series makes you nostalgic or you just enjoy playing for hours, you now have two new ways to enjoy the gaming franchise. Both Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 are available on GeForce NOW starting today, April 11. Fallout 4 requires you to own the game on Steam. For Fallout 76, you can own the Steam or Xbox version of the game. And if you haven’t started watching the TV series on Prime Video yet, you definitely should.

The story is obviously not one-to-one or based on the exact story of one of the games. However, it follows the source material quite closely and is perhaps the best game adaptation on TV. It’s a fun romp through the wasteland that you’ll enjoy every minute of it. There are also loads of little Easter eggs that loyal Fallout fans are sure to love.