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Gmail gets more Gemini AI to become smarter




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During the Keynote from Google I/O 2024Google talked about Gmail, among other things. The company is actually bringing more Gemini AI to Gmail to make it smarter.

Google is bringing more Gemini AI to Gmail to make it smarter

The company has announced several new features for Gmail on Android and iOS. Google is bringing the ‘Summary’ feature to Gmail. This option/button appears under the subject line at the top of your screen. Please note that it may only appear for longer threads.

Another thing to note about this feature is that it’s only coming to Workspace Labs users this week. Google One AI Premium subscribers and paying Gemini for Workspace customers will get this feature next month.

The Gmail Q&A feature is coming

In addition to ‘Summary’, Google is also introducing the Gmail Q&A. This icon will appear in the top right corner of your inbox. An example of a search query Google has offered is “Compare my recent roof repair bids by price and availability” or “What are the discussion questions for my upcoming book club meeting?”.

This specific feature will be available to Workspace Labs users in July. There is no mention of when it will arrive to others.

Google also brings Contextual Smart Replies. Gmail will, with help from Gemini AI, go through your email to provide more customized and detailed suggestions than what we currently have (with Smart Reply and Smart Compose).

Contextual smart answers appear in a carousel format

These suggestions appear in a carousel format, side by side, below the text you write and above your keyboard. The Gemini AI icon will be there and you can select what you want it to do, ranging from “Continue and confirm time,” “suggest new time,” and so on. These are just a few examples Google gave for time-sensitive emails.

During the Google I/O 2024 keynote, Google said this particular feature will come to Workspace Labs users on mobile and web in July.