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Google will shut down the Podcasts app globally in June 2024




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Google is notorious for shutting down its projects and services. Recently, the company announced that it will be shutting down its Google Podcasts app in the United States. Fortunately, those living outside the US could still use the app. However, this may change in June 2024 as the company has announced that it will be pulling the plug on the service worldwide.

Google Podcasts has been around for a hot minute. Initially, the service was announced under a different banner: Google Play Music Podcasts. Over the years, Google Podcasts has undergone a slew of improvements, including a revamped and user-friendly interface and the ability to pick up a podcast right where you left off on another device. You can even add subscriptions via an RSS feed.

That said, the service is now placed under the YouTube umbrella. That’s why Google is begging users to switch their subscriptions to YouTube Music. Plus, you can transfer your subscriptions to another app if you’re not the biggest YouTube Music fan.

Users can access podcasts through the YouTube Music app

To do this, you must export the subscriptions as an OPML file. The company’s app has a notification at the top encouraging you to use it, but you can also access it Google’s Takeout service and email your subscriptions to yourself. Please note that we were unable to get the app’s export feature working while writing this article, at least in India. However, your mileage may vary.

On the plus side, Google is giving users plenty of time to migrate their data to another service. In fact, subscription migration is supported until July 29, 2024. Additionally, you may notice that some podcast shows don’t appear when you migrate your feed to the YouTube Music app. The reason is that the show may not be available on YouTube Music.

Google Podcasts joins a long list of apps and services that the company has shuttered. Interestingly, you can view all the applications that Google has scrapped by visiting Killed by Google, an open-source website that keeps track of all the projects – well – killed by Google. Let us know what you think of Google’s latest decision in the comments below. While you’re at it, let us know your favorite podcast app.