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Google’s VPN may be causing connection issues on the Pixel 8




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Over the past few hours, several Pixel 8 series users have reported random internet connection issues. Apparently some websites simply refuse to load for them. It seems that the VPN by Google app is responsible for the situation.

Yesterday was the date for the announced shutdown of Google One VPN. Users of supported Pixel devices should now switch to the VPN by Google app. The latter arrived in October last year with the Pixel 8 series. That said, several people have dealt with it connectivity issues on their Pixel 8 devices while using the VPN. There are even some cases where people are using Pixel 7 phones.

Google’s VPN prevents sites and apps from loading on some Pixel 8 devices

According to reportsthere are sites and apps can not be loaded without clear explanation. The problem does not affect all services, but some in particular. For example, 9to5Google describes Amazon as one of those apps/sites that won’t load. On the affected platforms, both the dedicated app and the website version are unusable.

The problem doesn’t seem to affect everyone equally, as some even report being unable to access an app or website. There are also cases of devices that are completely problem-free. For those affected, Google’s VPN causes problems on any platform, be it Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.

Just disabling the VPN by Google would fix the internet connection in most cases. The app also received a new version hours later reports emerged, and some claim that the issues have been resolved after the update. However, it may happen that you still do not have the new update due to a possible gradual rollout.

More potential solutions as a solution arrives

If you’re still having trouble and haven’t received the latest app update, Google’s support page offers some possible solutions for connection issues related to the VPN. You can try disabling the VPN directly from the system settings instead of from the app. You can also delete your Google One VPN account from your device.