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Hope Hicks confirms hush money payments were over Trump campaign




Hope Hicks confirms hush money payments were over Trump campaign

During her testimony, Trump’s defense appeared to take a hit when Hope Hicks testified that the Trump hush money payments were viewed through the prism of the campaign.

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Hicks testified:

Trump’s defense is based on the idea that he paid the hush money to protect his family from discovery of his affairs, but Hicks is another witness who has testified that Donald Trump was always concerned about the campaign. To be fair, Trump didn’t want his wife to find out about the affairs, but there is no testimony showing that Trump made the hush money payments for any reason other than the campaign.

However, during cross-examination, Trump’s legal team tried to make Hicks seem irrelevant to the case:

You can never know how a jury will interpret a witness, or what jurors think, but Hicks is one of the witnesses who speaks fondly of Trump and doesn’t sound hostile toward him, undercutting the ex-president’s claims that the trial is packed with a group of people who want to get him.

The Manhattan trial doesn’t appear to be one of those cases that will have an a-ha moment like in courtroom dramas that will determine the outcome. The possibility of a conviction for Trump depends on how well and comprehensibly prosecutors are able to argue that Donald Trump committed crimes.

So far, no slam dunk evidence has been offered suggesting Trump’s innocence, and Hope Hicks hasn’t changed that with her testimony.

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