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The dynamic duo of Zendaya And Law Roach are at it again. They’re serving up haute looks thanks to the Challengers movie in which Zendaya plays a tennis pro named Tashi. During the film’s press rounds, the star girl has been experimenting with the Tenniscore trend and, as expected, adding her unique twists to the craze.

Apart from the basic sneakers and mini pleated skirts, the actress has a penchant for neon shades, which symbolize the tennis ball. She’s also enlisted the help of dresses adorned with tennis rackets, green plaid prints (perhaps a nod to the vibrant green tennis courts), and in some cases, polo numbers. This diverse range of offerings proves that the Tenniscore trend is about to hit, and Zendaya is determined to make her full of it.

The Challengers story revolves around tennis, so it’s only suitable for Zendaya and Law Roach to celebrate icons of the game. And they did. A recent photo shoot paid tribute to the Williams sisters – Venus And Serena. The actress recreated an iconic shot from their 1998 Vogue cover in a vintage black and white 1998 Carolina Herrera dress, styled with shoulder-length braids and white beading – a signature of the sisters from their early years.

Zendaya’s Tenniscore treat features clean lines, classic silhouettes and a preppy aesthetic reminiscent of traditional tennis attire. But it also has a chic and trendy look. Whether it’s a shimmering high-slit dress adorned with a tennis racket or an oversized sweater paired with a high-slit maxi dress and chic pumps, the actress turned in a formidable rendition of Tenniscore that will undoubtedly change the way the rest steps up from us, has challenged. this trend. Yes, no more boring polo shirts styled with mini pleated skirts and sneakers.

Even though it’s deep into spring, Zendaya and Law Roach’s influence on the Tenniscore trend projects its longevity with the promise of becoming a summer favorite. With its flirty hems and playful aesthetic, many are already predicting (and preparing for) a fun summer season for tennis girls. And to reinforce this trend as a must-try this season, the recent catwalks of well-known designers such as Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Loewe and others ensure that you will not run out of clothes to help you with Tenniscore.


Check out some of Zendaya’s Tenniscore trend outfits…

The silhouette

Tenniscore was almost a sneaker affair or a downright sporty-chic twist, but Zendaya is taking a different route. She keeps the neat options in an attempt to emphasize her frame and femininity. For example, the pastel pink of the Jacquemus cut-out dress above exudes femininity while retaining the sporty core of the craze. Let’s not ignore how well the cropped polo top, which perfectly exposes her toned stomach, works magic as it merges with the flared skirt. From the shade to the exposed skin and the girlish flair, all elements undoubtedly live up to their expectations.

In this version, Loewe wanted to keep the plunging neckline and pleated minis on track, but opted for the glossy texture for a quirky finish. And the custom-made pumps with heels that poked through the tennis balls ensured that the entire service was good.

The complexities

We have now become accustomed to the fact that a new film equals method dressing. But Zendaya and Law Roach bring a different kind of madness to the Challengers movie that we love. Here the actress is wearing one Celia Kritharioti green dress with a deep neckline and a tennis ball that sits gracefully at the end of the neckline. The dress was the statement needed to highlight Tenniscore in LA. Plus, her messy bun and barely-there makeup gave the number all the space it needed to shine.


The shades

Neon green and white are the classic shades of the craze, and Zendaya has chosen to stick with them. She recently wore a vintage Mugler skirt suit styled with matching Louboutin pumps. This could have just been a work day, but the shade gave a subtle nod to the trend. In another instance, she opted for preppy white shades in a sleeveless athleisure top, pleated miniskirt and matching sneakers in tribute to the tennis legend. Althea Gibson.


The subliminal

Put on the custom-made Calvin Klein suit, which shows off the clean lines and dominant white color known in the sport. In the beautiful city of Rome, Zendaya made a case for tennis whites in a high-slit maxi skirt paired with an unbuttoned blazer and matching pumps. She introduced more spice to the look with Bulgari Serpenti jewelry, because when you’re in Rome, you do it the Bulgari way.

One of Zendaya’s viral looks from the Tenniscore trend is this white Maison Alaïa hooded dress that fits like a glove.

She also wore a Thom Browne dress with all-over racket detailing and her signature Tashi hairstyle.

Undoubtedly, Tenniscore has taken a turn for the better, thanks in no small part to the dynamic duo of Zendaya and Law Roach. Moreover, the tribute to real tennis icons makes this phase more important than a sartorial exploration.

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