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How to relentlessly pursue your best life this year




How to relentlessly pursue your best life this year

To be honest, 2023 has already been one of the best years of my life. I’m sure you might be wondering how I can say that since it’s only six months into the year. However, I have achieved so many goals, seen dreams come true, and made some incredible connections.

For me, 2023 was really about getting out of my own way and daring to pursue the life of my dreams. You may feel like you are stuck or that your life is in a stuck pattern. However, I want you to know that you are not stuck and that you are always one decision away from changing the direction of your life. It’s time for you to realize what is possible for your life.

I hope you take these words to heart and take courageous action toward your dreams.

1. Think about what you really want

I talk to so many people who don’t know what they really want. How do I know? They spend all their time doing what they don’t want. It permeates their minds and consumes their conversations.

Therefore, it is inevitable that they will continue to manifest more of what they do not want. At some point you have to become crystal clear about what you want in life. This is not an easy task and requires time and commitment. However, when you work with clarity, you become a magnet for success and prosperity.

When you are able to focus your mind on a desire, you fuel the manifestation of that desire in your life. What do you really want? Clarity is the great connector that bridges the gap from hope to manifestation. There is no power on earth that can stop an individual with a determined decision. Whatever the mind can conceive, your moments hold the power to create.

2. Stop living your life ruled by your emotions

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster. After all, you know what you would like to see manifested in your life. However, that is not the problem. The real problem is the fear, doubt, and self-limiting beliefs that continually get in the way of your success and fulfillment.

You can continue to listen to the lies and live in a story of fear, frustration and failure. Or you can make the decision to stop letting your emotions run your life. Emotions are a beautiful thing.

However, if you are not careful, your emotions will trap you in cycles of bondage. Earlier this year I made the decision that I would pursue a very big goal. The moment I made that decision, it seemed like a crippling fear and debilitating fear were trying to take hold of me.

Moreover, it seemed like I was in an inner battle between what I knew I should do and what doubt and fear told me not to do. Have you ever been there? In that moment, I had to make the decision that I would silence the fear, stand in faith, and seize the future. As I affirmed the desire, I noticed the fear and anxiety diminishing.

Suddenly my emotions had stabilized and the possibilities began to consume my heart and mind. The most tragic thing you can do is become a prisoner of your emotions. Stop ignoring the fear. I want you to feel the fear and move forward into your future.

The only cure for fear is bold faith.

“You have to expect great things from yourself before you can do them.” —Michael Jordan

3. You have to get out of the way

What is holding you back from success and prosperity? Is it really a lack of opportunity? Or is it fear? Is it really a lack of resources? Or is it a lack of ingenuity? When I made the decision to pursue bigger goals this year, I realized that many of the things I thought were getting in the way of my success were just illusions.

That’s when I realized that the real barrier to my success and prosperity was the person staring back at me in the mirror. In other words, it was the lies, limiting beliefs, and internal stories I kept entertaining that were getting in the way of breakthrough.

So I had to make the non-negotiable decision to get out of the way. How do you get out of your own way? You stop making excuses and you start adjusting your life.

Essentially, you stop living in denial and start doing the deep inner work to become the person you were born to be. To get out of your own way, you have to want to connect with the life you want.

You get out of the way when you stop waiting and start manifesting your desires. You get out of the way by saying yes to fate and no to every distraction in your life.

4. Be ruthless

When I look at the last six months of my life, I can truly say that my life has been anything but ordinary. Even though I have been pushed to my limits, I have pushed my way to new possibilities for my life. Your limits were made to be tested.

On the other side of fear lies an incredible future full of possibilities and opportunities. What are you waiting for? Your life doesn’t get better by hoping and dreaming. Your life will only get better if you are brave enough to pursue your best life.

You must be relentless in breaking cycles, breaking patterns, and shattering paradigms that keep you trapped in old seasons and old ways of thinking. At some point you have to realize that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pursuing the life that sets your soul on fire.

Others may not understand what you do or why you do it. However, you must remind yourself that it is your vision, your life, and your future. Today I want to challenge you to stop playing it safe and dare to live a bigger life.

You owe it to yourself and your potential to manifest the greatness within you. The seed of greatness within you is too great to live as a slave to fear. Pursue the life you were born for!