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Instagram allows you to create custom stickers




Instagram allows you to create custom stickers

Instagram is always looking for ways to make the platform better, and the company has recently made some changes. One change the company has introduced will make your posts and stories much better. According to the company, Instagram will do that you can create custom and animated stickers.

This story comes right after Instagram announced that any DM containing nudity will be blurred. The company will use artificial intelligence to detect if images sent via DMs contain any form of nudity. This is intended to help people avoid being abused by receiving random sexually explicit photos. It aims to make Instagram’s DMS more secure.

Instagram now lets you create custom stickers

When you create your latest camera roll or story, you have the option to add stickers. Stickers are small illustrations that you can add to the content and make it more exciting. They act as larger and more detailed emojis and they can be drawings of virtually anything from locations to celebrities to characters etc.

The number of stickers is constantly growing. However, if you want the ability to create your own, Instagram is now allowing you to do so. The app allows you to create your own stickers by cutting subjects from images. You can then use those topics as stickers in your reels or stories. Company press release referred to “eligible photos.” So you may not be able to use just any Instagram photo.

Something that’s nice to note is the fact that you can actually do that extract topics from videos also. When you remove a sticker from a video, it becomes animated.

We’ll have to wait and see how this feature works. Since you can only use it with eligible photos, there may be a sign-in option that allows other people to use your photos as stickers. In any case, this is a very nice feature.