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Jake Tapper and Dana Bash moderate the Biden/Trump debate




Jake Tapper and Dana Bash to moderate first presidential debate.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will moderate the first Biden/Trump debate of 2024 in June.

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Dylan Byers from Puck posted: “SCOOP @PuckNews: CNN’s JAKE TAPPER and DANA BASH will moderate the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on June 27.”

This is a good choice of network. Both Tapper and Bash have proven they are more than capable of handling potential Trump chaos, and they won’t let the candidate and the situation get out of hand. Although Republicans will argue otherwise, Tapper and Bash do a lot of interviews with Republicans and Democrats, and cover them in a balanced way.

If Trump has a bad night, or if Tapper and Bash enforce the debate rules, expect Republicans to accuse the moderators of bias. After Kaitlin Collins allowed Trump to rant all over her during a town hall on CNN, the network made the wise move by not repeating a previous mistake.

CNN has a number of talented anchors, such as Jim Acosta, who could also contribute to debate coverage.

From the perspective of both campaigns, it is clear why they accepted the invitation to a debate on CNN. If Fox News is seen as right-wing and MSNBC is seen as left-wing, CNN is the middle ground where Biden and Trump could meet.

Tapper and Bash are good choices for moderation, and their selection should give viewers hope that the evening won’t be an insult to their intelligence and a waste of time.

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