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Jax Taylor claims Michelle Lally was texting other men before Jesse’s breakup



Jax Taylor claims Michelle Lally was texting other men before Jesse's breakup
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Jax Taylor continues to wonder if infidelity is the cause Michelle Lally And Jesse Lally’s divorce – and he gets other stars on the line The valley concerned.

In A sneak peek of next week’s episode, meet Jax Jasmine Goode to discuss the ongoing issues between Michelle and Jesse that they have noticed.

“What he told me when we went to the carnival was, ‘If my wedding lasts the next two months, I’m going to be shocked,'” Jax claims before elaborating in a confessional. “I knew they were going through tough times. As we left the fair, Jesse mentioned that he thought his marriage would be over in a few months.

a second clip from the episode starts after Jasmine and Jax’s outing. When costar Janet Kaperna asks what they were talking about, Jasmine admits that she doesn’t feel “comfortable repeating” the highlights from their conversation. In a flashback, viewers see Jax claim to Jasmine that Michelle is “texting other men.”

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“Jax is messy in a way where he tries to play it off like he’s not messy. He wants you to feel like, “I’m just giving you this information.” Like: ‘Isn’t it crazy? But you have to do something with it,” Jasmine tells the cameras. “But Janet, she’s messy too. I know deep down she’s probably saying, “This is fun.”

According to Jax, the rumor about Michelle’s alleged infidelity is something Kristen Dout referenced in another episode when she said she wanted to protect her friend.

“Kristen told me this about Michelle,” Jax adds in the flashback. “I’m just afraid Kristen is going to open her mouth.”

Jesse and Michelle were married for six years — and welcomed daughter Isabella — before they got together The valley. We weekly confirmed in March that the couple split after filming, and fans have started piecing together the signs on the Vanderpump Rules spin-off series.

During the Tuesday, April 16 episode of the show, Jax stirred things up when he brought up Michelle’s friendship with an unnamed director.

‘Michelle always claims she doesn’t know who famous people are. But she hooked up with that director, she dated him for a few days in a row,” Jax claimed. ‘She’s going to the castle [Marmont] every day from her house and she happened to meet him at the pool and they got along. It turned out to be a different day. And then on another day: Don’t you find this strange?

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However, Jesse didn’t seem too bothered by the comments and joked: “She was with him all night, they broke down.” They recently had dinner with a famous actor. I told her to pull up her skirt and let her blouse fall down. Whatever you had to do.”

In a confessional, Kristen’s friend, Lucas Broderick, hinted that he was sitting on information he couldn’t share publicly about Jesse and Michelle’s relationship. Viewers have since wondered if he was referring to the same details that Kristen kept quiet out of respect for Michelle.

Jesse was also asked by Luke if he could forgive Michelle if she cheated on him.

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“I think if you’re secure enough in your relationship or in yourself, you trust that Michelle isn’t going to do anything. “If she does something, it’s her own responsibility and I get to spend the next forty years telling Isabella that her mother ruined everything,” he told Luke. ‘I would not do that [work through it if she cheated]. That’s the only straw. I will remedy everything else except cheating [is no]. I let her do what she wants and trust that she can make the right decisions.”

The full trailer for next week’s episode showed a cast outing that took a turn when Jesse appeared to threaten Kristen and Luke.

“If you pull out any skeletons I don’t know about my wife yet, I will bury your f–king,” Jesse warned his fellow players.

The valley airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9pm ET and will be available to stream on Peacock the next day.