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Jeff Bezos vacations with Lauren Sánchez in Mykonos as unrest rages at The Washington Post




Jeff Bezos vacations with Lauren Sánchez in Mykonos as unrest rages at The Washington Post
Source: MEGA

Jeff Bezos has been traveling around the world with his fiancée Lauren Sanchez while unrest rages at home in his controversial newspaper The Washington Post.

June 18, 2024, published at 4:00 PM ET

Jeff Bezos has been on a world trip with his fiancé Lauren Sanchez while unrest rages at home in his controversial newspaper, The Washington Post, has learned.

While the Post struggles with internal scandals, restructuring and serious financial losses, Bezos and Sanchez are enjoying a lavish vacation in Greece, flying around in helicopters and living it up on his $500 million superyacht.

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Jeff Bezos Laurensanchez
Source: MEGA

Bezos and Sanchez were reportedly spotted zipping around in helicopters and enjoying their luxury yacht in Greece.

The pair were spotted strolling hand-in-hand through the chic streets of Chora, and Sanchez, an experienced pilot, was “seen flying a helicopter on and off their support boat, where they keep all their toys… helicopters, speedboats and other water toys,” said a source Page six on Monday.

“Jeff keeps the super-sized boat they live on on the other side of the island where there is less wind,” the insider added. They also reportedly used their $75 million “smaller” yacht to navigate the island’s waters.

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Morale plummets Jeff Bezos leaves Washington, post-CEO scandal editor-in-chief
Source: The Washington Post

The Washington Post published a bombshell report exposing the new editor for his alleged involvement in unethical reporting practices.

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Meanwhile, the Amazon founder’s newspaper – which he bought for $250 million in 2013 – charted choppy seas following the latest scandal that rocked the publication. a bombshell article on Sunday exposed the new editor Robert Winnett’s past ties to a private investigator John Fordwho allegedly used illegal means to gather information for Britain’s Sunday Times.

Ford, a self-described “thief,” describes in unpublished drafts how his unethical practices contributed to Winnett’s reporting, citing an attempted steal Tony Blair’s memoirs as an example. Winnett declined to comment to the reporters he will lead in a few months, the article said.

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Jeff Bezos Lotr
Source: mega

Bezos bought the newspaper in 2013 for $250 million.

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Winnett, currently deputy editor of the Telegraph, was appointed by the Post’s chief executive Will Lewis to take over the top editorial position in the “core newsroom,” the paper’s reporters wrote, adding that he would take over “after the November U.S. presidential election.”

Lewis “has mentored and worked with Winnett at two British newspapers,” according to the report, which claimed that “Lewis is also mentioned in Ford’s draft chapters.”


Jeff Bezos

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A Postspox said this The New York Times that the newspaper took an “independent, rigorous and fair” approach to its self-reporting and claimed that Lewis was not involved in the report.

The article has raised questions about the ethical integrity of the new leadership, upsetting the staff at an already tumultuous time following the sudden resignation of the former editor-in-chief. Sally Buzbee.

In an effort to put employees at ease, Bezos reportedly sent a memo on Tuesday titled “Quality Journalism,” insisting that the Post’s “journalistic standards and ethics” would remain intact despite all the recent turbulence, thus DeWrap.

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the Washington Post June
Source: wiki/Washingtonpost

The Post’s former editor-in-chief Sally Buzbee abruptly resigned earlier this month.

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The outlet, which obtained a copy of the memo, reported that Bezos also revealed he wanted to “address directly” the allegations surrounding Lewis and Winnett.

Lewis – who took up his top role in January – was tasked with tackling the financial problems facing the newspaper as Buzbee launched, and is said to have revealed to staff that the Post’s involvement since 2020 had taken a 50% hit.

After a successful effort to renew and expand the Post’s editorial reach, Buzbee abruptly left the position she had held since 2021 over disagreements with Lewis.

While Bezos promised in his staff memo that the outlet would remain committed to its guiding principles, he also acknowledged the uncertainty facing the paper, writing: “Things certainly cannot be business as usual at The Post.”

“The world is evolving quickly and we need to change as a company,” he continued. “With your support, we will do just that and lead this great institution into the future.”