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Joe Biden accused of spending a lot of money on cosmetic work in a desperate attempt to look young: ‘Completely different’




Joe Biden accused of spending a lot of money on cosmetic work in a desperate attempt to look young: 'Completely different'

President Joe Biden is reportedly desperate to convince voters that he is essential enough to work another four years in the Oval Office, which he reportedly dropped more than six figures on procedures to look youthful, has learned.

Plastic surgery experts have weighed in on the Democrat’s alleged cosmetic work in a sensational report.

It is said that doctors convinced the frozen faces commander in chief81, has had more work problems than an aging Hollywood diva.

“I estimate that Joe Biden has spent up to $100,000 on plastic surgery over the years,” surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie from Beverly Hills on the National researcher.

“The cosmetic procedures are clear a political move to help him make the public and colleagues believe he is fit enough for a second term,” a DC insider claimed.

A panel of top plastic surgeons, who have not treated Biden, believes that of America oldest chairman has undergone a series of treatments to achieve a more youthful appearance.

“He looks completely different,” noted New York surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar of at.

“He had a facelift, which could cost anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000,” said cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kaplan from San Francisco.

“Looking closely at his sideburns, there is a straight, unnatural edge that could be a telltale sign of a facelift scar,” said Atlanta surgeon Dr. Nicolas Jones.

Dr. Otto Placik of Chicago-based pointed to the smoothness of the eyes above and below Biden’s eyes — along with their narrower shape — as signs that he has undergone upper and lower blepharoplasty.

It’s no secret that Biden’s age has been a hot topic leading up to the November election. Critics and political opponents have scrutinized his speech impediment, blunders and his statements unstable gait.

During a recent press conference, the White House press secretary said Karine Jean-Pierre mocked a reporter who asked, “Did the president do that?” Dementia?”

“I can’t even believe you’re asking me this question,” Jean-Pierre shot back. “That’s an incredibly insulting question to ask.”

“No, you’re taking us down this rabbit hole,” the press secretary continued. “Let me be very clear about that.”

“This is a president. If you watch him every day and really pay attention to his record, to what he’s done, you’ll see exactly how focused he has been on the American people.”