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Joining Discord voice chat from PS5 will be rolling out soon




Joining Discord voice chat from PS5 will be rolling out soon

Joining Discord voice chat from PS5 will be rolling out soon – Discord came to PS5 a while ago, but for most people it wasn’t possible to actually join a voice chat from the console itself (the features were available for testing for some). Instead, you had to first start the call from the Discord mobile or PC app and then transfer the call to your PS5 right afterwards. This is the exact same method that Discord used for the Xbox version when it initially came to Xbox. Eventually, however, call merging from the console itself was introduced.

Now it’s finally the PS5’s turn. Well almost. Discord isn’t introducing the feature today, but will do so “very soon.” Being able to join a Discord voice chat from the PS5 console will make things a lot easier for players. There are numerous scenarios where this can simplify things. For example, say you’re playing a game like Modern Warfare III on PS5, but your friends are playing on PC. If you’re all on a Discord server together, you’ll soon have fewer steps to join the call for in-game communications.

Another scenario is with games like Destiny 2. Destiny 2 now (finally) has an in-game party finder system, but there is still one problem that keeps popping up. Get people to join your Discord channel for communication instead of using the in-game chat system. This is almost certainly because players don’t know how to set things up or transfer calls, or don’t want to go through the steps to do so. Joining directly from the console should be less of a hassle and encourage more players on PS5 to use Discord’s superior voice chat quality.

Joining a Discord voice chat conversation from the PS5 console will be rolling out in the coming weeks

Disagreement has confirmed that you will be able to participate in calls from the PS5 in the coming weeks. This will be a gradual rollout. Starting with Japan and Asia, Discord will roll out this feature in the coming weeks. It will then move to Europe, New Zealand and Australia, the Middle East, and then the US and Canada. There is no exact time when this feature will appear.

So you will have to check every now and then to see if it is available. A system software update is required to use the new join Discord feature. That update is rolling out today, so you’re all set for the arrival of Discord. There will also be a Discord icon available so you know when you can access it.

Join Discord Call from PS5

You will need to link your Discord and PSN accounts

If you have already used the Discord call forwarding feature on PS5, this step is already completed for you. For everyone else, make sure your Discord and PSN accounts are linked. Once you’ve done that, joining a Discord voice chat conversation is pretty easy. Open the Control Center by pressing the PlayStation button. Then scroll to the Game Base option and find and select the Discord server you are looking for. Then find and select the voice channel you want to join.

Hit connect, and that’s it. You can also see who is already in the channel. In addition, if a user on Discord calls you, you will receive a notification on PS5 and you can join a conversation that way.

Profile sharing will be rolled out next week

In May, Sony announced that it would be adding Profile Sharing in a future update, and that feature is about to reach players. It will roll out next week says the company. This makes it a lot easier to share your profile with others. You can create a QR code link and share it via social media or in emails or text messages. You can also create a shareable link instead of a QR code that people have to scan if that’s easier.

PS5 QR Code Invitation (1)PS5 QR Code Invitation (1)