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Jordan Klepper exposes Trump’s ‘strangely familiar’ line



Jordan Klepper exposes Trump's 'strangely familiar' line

“Daily Show” correspondents Desi Lydic and Jordan Klepper on Tuesday compared President Joe Biden to the unnamed Gwyneth Paltrow guest who “catastrophic‘pooped into the bed and then fled the scene.

“I know some people would say the guy just had a bad night,” Lydic said. “He’s a decent man with a lifetime of service as a guest and he’s earned the chance to stay and clean up his mess. But the thing is, we all know he shits the bed. We can’t see him shitting the bed. And now, every time we see him, we’ll wonder: is he going to shit the bed again?

“Are we still going to talk about the guy?” Klepper asked.

Lydic said Paltrow might want to think twice before letting the “dude” stay another four years — then looked ahead to January “and there’s this dude that no one wanted and no one in the house is allowed to have a goddamn abortion.” ‘

“I’m almost positive we’re not talking about the guest,” Klepper said. “So: Joe Biden shits the bed.”

But it didn’t take long before they turned to that “house guest no one wanted,” a.k.a. Donald Trump, who last week claimed he knew nothing about the radical far-right Project 2025 agenda created and created by many in his inner circle was pushed by many of them. his own assistants.

Biden has made it a campaign issue by tweeting “Google Project 2025.”

Trump said last week that he had “no idea” who was behind it and called some of the plans “absolutely ridiculous and terrible.”

“Whatever they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“This is Trump’s textbook,” Klepper noted. “He hides his dog whistles next to plausible deniability.”

His messages are full of contradictions – which means they also have something for everyone,

But one phrase in particular struck Klepper as “strange and strangely familiar.”

The former president said something remarkably similar about Ghislaine Maxwell, who was arrested at the time and accused of grooming young girls for sexual abuse by longtime associate Jeffrey Epstein.

“I honestly just wish her the best,” Trump said in 2020.

She has since been found guilty of a number of charges, including child sex trafficking, and is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.

“Here’s a tweet idea for Joe Biden,” Klepper said. “Google Ghislaine Maxwell.”

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