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Judge denies mistrial against Trump over stormy beating




Trump rants outside of his criminal trial on Friday.

Judge Juan Merchan denied Trump’s request for a mistrial because Stormy Daniels told the jury how she spanked him with a magazine.

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CNN reported that prosecutors argued that Trump’s legal team’s claim that the spanking story was new was untrue:

Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass responds to the defense team’s motion to dismiss by saying most of Trump’s lawyers’ accusations are “plainly false.”

“Starting with the fact that it’s a new account – this is not a new account,” Steinglass said.

“The claim that there was an ambush is just nonsense,” Steinglass added. “The claim to change her story is also extremely untrue.”

It is understood that Trump and his legal team plan to appeal his conviction if the ex-president is convicted based on Stormy Daniels’ testimony. The magazine’s spanking story is not new. Daniels has told it before. It wouldn’t be surprising if the jury wasn’t already familiar with it.

Prosecutors also pointed out that they asked Daniels only eight questions about her evening with Trump. That part of Daniels’ testimony is not the focus of the trial.

The prosecutor also argued that Daniels’ testimony was relevant because it was Trump’s motive for what would become criminal activity.

The judge ruled for the prosecution and for the second time in two days, Trump was denied a mistrial because of Daniels’ testimony.

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