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Kevin Bacon returns to ‘Footloose’ high school 40 years later



Kevin Bacon returns to 'Footloose' high school 40 years later

Hours before the prom at Payson High School in Utah, actor Kevin Bacon returned to campus where it was located in 1984 Footless had been filmed.

“It’s been a long time – forty years – and that surprises me, you know. Things look a little different here. I would say I am the most different,” Bacon, 65, joked as he took the stage at the football field on Saturday, April 20.

The student body campaigned to bring Bacon back to the school before moving to a new facility next fall, but they didn’t want to just give Bacon an honorary degree. They decided to volunteer for his charity, Six degrees, hours before the ball. They held an activation to build 5,000 kits full of essentials to help those in need.

According to Six Degrees, the event raised more than $865,000 in product distribution, totaling 121,900 items. Four organizations will receive the care packages, which include hygiene items, socks, journals, reusable water bottles, non-perishable goods and an offer of three months of free consultation.

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“When I first heard about this #BaconToPayson thing, I thought, ‘Wow, this is crazy.’ But you were all just tireless and relentless in your desire to see me again. And you talked me into it!” Bacon told the community. “I love seeing such dedication to anything. I also think it’s amazing how much power this film has had to bring people together, and connect with the basic ideas behind the film – you know, standing up to authority sometimes, and being forgiving of people who are. not exactly the same as you, and for standing up for your own freedoms and your right to express yourself, and for having compassion for other people.’

He concluded, “And that’s what you’ve all shown here, making something very positive out of something that could just be a movie star coming back to get a pat on the back.” And that’s what we’re going to do today as we build these kits. So thank you, thank you very much. And thank you so much, especially for your commitment to giving back to your community and to the people you share this planet with, and I’m thrilled that we’re going to be working together here today.”

In addition to his volunteer work for the nonprofit, Bacon received an honorary diploma for his “timeless achievements and his eternal inspiration at Payson High School.” He noted that this is the only time he sees his name on a diploma. The students also presented him with his own varsity jacket with “Footloose 1984” written on the back.

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Footless hit theaters in February 1984 and followed teenager Ren McCormack (Bacon) as he moves from Chicago to a small town where dancing and rock music are illegal after a local tragedy. Ren is determined to help overturn the law. The film earned $80 million at the box office, almost ten times its production budget.

In the forty years since Footloose hit theaters, the film has been adapted as a stage musical and even remade in 2011 with Kenny Wormald And Julianne Hough leading the cast.

Although the soundtrack is iconic, with Kenny LogginsDeniece Williams’ Oscar-nominated ‘Footloose’ and ‘Let’s Hear It for the Boy’, Bacon has admitted he tries to avoid the songs.

“I go to the disc jockey, hand him $20 and say, ‘Please don’t play that song,’” Bacon said during a Conan appearance in 2013. “A wedding isn’t actually about me, it’s about the bride and groom, and that’s embarrassing.”