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Kristi Noem’s story about shooting a ‘worthless’ puppy enrages Fox pundits




Kristi Noem's story about shooting a 'worthless' puppy enrages Fox pundits
Source: Mediaite

Fox News pundits condemned South Caroline Governor Kristi Noem for writing in her new book that she once shot and killed a puppy on her family’s farm.

April 29, 2024, published at 7:55 PM ET

Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem is being hit with a wave of backlash from left and right after revealing in her new book that she once killed a puppy on her family farm, has learned.

Noem, a self-described “mom and rancher,” recounted in her upcoming memoir that she shot a 14-month-old wirehaired pointer named Cricket. No return.

She wrote that the female puppy had an “aggressive personality” while she was being trained for pheasant hunting. The guard first reported.

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Source: MEGA

Noem wrote in her upcoming memoir that the female puppy had an “aggressive personality.”

Fox news experts criticized the governor for including the story in her book and condemned the act as callous and politically damaging.

Fox Business anchor As Webster network media analyst asked Joe Concha and former GOP congressman Jason Chaffets about their response on Monday while noting that “outrage” was beginning to spread over Noem’s anecdote.

“This story, Ashley, being a lifelong dog owner, absolutely makes my blood boil,” Concha responded. “On two levels. A. How utterly heartless do you have to be to shoot a fourteen-month-old dog in the face?”

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He argued that Noem could have handled the situation differently by putting the dog up for adoption.

Concha said that if the puppy “wasn’t doing his job on the farm” or was “attacking chickens or people,” she “could have easily posted somewhere: ‘I’m putting my dog ​​up for adoption because it might not work out here.’ on the ranch,’ and I can guarantee you that a lot of people would have raised their hands to take that dog into their home.”

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Fox media analyst Joe Concha said Noem included the story in her book "destroyed any chance she had of becoming Donald Trump's vice president."
Source: MEGA

Kristi Noem was accused of glorifying the “puppy murder” as a way to appeal to Donald Trump.

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“You’re not just going to kill it,” he said, adding that the decision to include the story in her book “killed any chance she had of becoming Donald Trump’s vice president.”

“There is no going back,” Concha said.

Webster agreed, saying “Amen,” and that he was “a lifelong dog lover.”

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Chaffetz then noted that while he gave Noem an “A-plus for being honest” about the situation, he felt that “she just destroyed her political career.”

“I don’t think there’s anyone on any side of the aisle who thinks it’s acceptable to go to a gravel pit and shoot a dog in the face and kill it when it’s fourteen months old” , he claimed. ‘That is it. I mean, that’s just horrible.”



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He agreed with Concha’s position that “politically there is no recovery from this.”

Webster concluded the segment by saying, “What a terrible story. In short, Jason.”

Name posted on X in defense of her past actions on Sunday, admitting that while she “can understand why some people are angry,” she “followed the law and was a responsible parent, dog owner and neighbor.”

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Source: MEGA

Noem went to X on Sunday to defend her past actions, saying she acted within the law when she shot the 14-month-old dog.

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“The fact is that South Dakota law provides that dogs that attack and kill livestock can be put down,” she wrote. “Considering that Cricket was showing aggressive behavior towards people by biting them, I decided what I did.”

The governor said “it hasn’t been easy,” but added that “the easy way is often not the right way.”

“Whether running the ranch or in politics, I have never delegated my responsibilities to anyone else,” Noem continued. ‘Even though it is difficult and painful.’

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She said that “people are looking for leaders who are authentic, willing to learn from the past and do not shy away from difficult challenges.”

“I hope everyone who reads this book will understand that I am always working to make the best decisions possible for the people in my life,” Noem wrote.

Her book will be published on May 7.