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Lady Gaga playfully responds to rumors about Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ sequel



Lady Gaga playfully responds to rumors about Beyoncé's 'Telephone' sequel
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Listen, little monsters – Lady Gaga maybe don’t rule out someone else Beyonce cooperation.

While celebrating the premiere of Gaga Chromatica Balla film about her concert tour, the 38-year-old was asked if she would consider a sequel to ‘Telephone’ on Thursday, May 23 in Los Angeles, after widespread pleas from fans.

“Every time Beyoncé calls, I like to answer the phone,” she replied in an interview with Entertainment tonight.

The duet, which debuted at Gaga’s in 2009 The famous monster, won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration and was nominated for a Grammy. Earlier this year, rumors began swirling that there might be a sequel after Beyoncé, 42, shared a trailer for her album Cowboy Carter in February. Fans immediately noticed some visual similarities to her and Gaga’s music video, including an introduction where Beyoncé drove through the desert in a yellow taxi, but the passenger seat in the car is not fully visible.

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The image reminded many observers of the end of “Telephone,” in which Beyoncé drove through the desert with Gaga after picking her up from jail. In that case, Beyoncé rode the P-y Wagon Kill Bill: Part 1which is also bright yellow – and the video ended with the phrase “to be continued.”

Lady Gaga responds to rumors about Beyonce 3's phone sequel

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé Courtesy of Lady Gaga/YouTube

As for her upcoming seventh studio album, Gaga shared Thursday that she’s working on music “all the time,” tellingly AND, “I really live and breathe it. … I just can’t wait to give it to the fans.”

Gaga has been hinting at her next chapter for several months, teasing new music in a lengthy Instagram post ahead of her 38th birthday in March. “I feel like my heart is bursting with gratitude for my own health and music. “I have been writing some of my best music for as long as I can remember,” she wrote. That same month, she shared a photo of herself in her bedroom, stretched out on a mattress. “Xoxo night night,” she captioned the recording, adding that she was “writing lyrics in bed.” Sleep well.”

While fans wait for her latest songs, they can get their Gaga fix with her new film, featuring the first official footage from her 2022 summer stadium tour, called The Chromatica Ballin support of her 2020 hit album, Chromatica.

Lady Gaga responds to rumors about Beyoncé 2's phone sequel

Lady Gaga David Jon/Getty Images for HBO

During a screening of the film earlier this month, Gaga revealed that she performed five shows while sick with COVID. The tour itself was postponed for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lady Gaga

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“I shared it with everyone on my team. I said, ‘I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable at work and you don’t have to perform and you don’t have to work that day, but I’m going to do the show,’ because I just didn’t want to letting all the fans down,” Gaga said per The Hollywood Reporter. “And the way I saw it was that the fans were putting themselves in danger every day when they came to the show.”

Gaga added that she is particularly proud that the work she did with her sixth studio album has been documented for all to see.

“I felt like the Chromatica Ball was a time where I took myself to the next level and that it was worth documenting and seeing for people I love – not that I didn’t love my other tours” , she said. “I’m sure we can all relate to the feeling that when you’re personally proud of something, it’s very different from when everyone around you feels that way.”

Gaga Chromatica Ball premieres on HBO and Max Saturday, May 25.