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Mariah the Scientist’s alleged club fight victim felt ‘trapped’ before ‘attack’




Mariah the Scientist's alleged club fight victim felt 'trapped' before 'attack'

Source: Atlanta Police; Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Cleopatra Dues told police she felt like she was being “set up” when Mariah the Scientist allegedly attacked her at an Atlanta club.

May 3, 2024, published at 7:46 PM ET

Cleopatra debtsthe alleged victim a club fight of Mariah the scientistfelt she was “set up” when the hip-hop singer allegedly “attacked” her and “pulled off” her wig, can confirm after obtaining video of her police report.

The singer, whose legal name is Mariah bucklesturned herself over to Atlanta police on Wednesday after being charged with battery.

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Maria scientist
Source: MEGA

The victim alleged that Mariah the Scientist, whose legal name is Mariah Buckles, jumped over a table and attacked her at an Atlanta club.

The fight took place around 1:30 am on March 28 in a lounge in the town of Cavo. The next day, Dues visited the Atlanta Police Department to personally file a report and identified Buckles as the person who “jumped” a table at the club and “grabbed my wig” and “pulled me down.” has obtained an explosive video of Dues reporting her version of events to an officer. “I feel like I’m being set up,” she said.

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Cleopatra contribution
Source: Atlanta Police

Dues attended the Atlanta Police Department on March 29 and reported that Buckles “pulled off” her wig and “pulled” her to the ground.

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Dues was getting food with some friends, she said, when she saw “the girl who I think set me up.”

The person then reportedly disappeared and ten minutes later Buckles came “round the corner” wearing “a baseball cap” and a sweat suit.

Dues said Buckles “tried to pressure me, but I told her no one does all that today, like no, I don’t do that here.”

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Mariah the scientist books photo
Source: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Buckles checked into the Fulton County Jail on Wednesday, May 1, and was released on bond the same day.

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“She says to me, ‘Come on,’ and I don’t know who it is because I don’t have my glasses on. So I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?'” she recalled.

At that point, Dues said, “It finally dawned on me, and I told her, ‘We’re not doing that, go ahead, knock it off,’ and she jumped over the table, grabbed my wig and pulled me over downstairs. “

“I can’t see anything, all I know is: my hair is in my face, I’m trying to get up, a man is pulling me, I don’t even know who’s pulling us, but it’s on video like Good .”



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Dues told the officer videos circulated on social media, and that she wanted to press charges against Buckles.

The alleged victim claimed she had no intention of fighting anyone, pointing out that she “had heels on” while Buckles “came in there in sweats.”

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Mary the Scientist
Source: MEGA

The singer posted $5,000 bail and was released the same day after her arrest.

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Dues suffered “cuts on her feet, bruises on her knee, leg and ankles,” as well as “a busted lip” and a “knot on her arm,” police said in their report.

An investigator contacted Mariah the Scientist, who said that “she went with the club owner to talk to the victim,” and claimed Dues “threw a drink at her.”

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“Then a friend who was with the victim swung at her and missed, so she grabbed the victim and the friend and the table broke and they all landed on the floor,” the suspect said, according to the police report.

“Buckles was the guilty party,” the officer wrote, adding that the club owner “didn’t tell me anything that would lead me to believe otherwise.”

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A witness also alleged that Buckles “hit” her “two or three times while grabbing her and the victim and pulling them to the ground, causing the table to break,” and denied that Dues threw anything.

The singer posted $5,000 bail and was released from jail the same day after her arrest.